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NFA run by word of mouth: Basson-Namundjebo

15 February 2019 Author   Hesron Kapanga
The Namibia Football Association lacks human resource policies and is run by word of mouth, Chairperson of the International Federation of Association Football’s (FIFA) Normalisation Committee for the NFA, Hilda Basson-Namundjebo has said.
Basson-Namundjebo made the remarks after the five-member committee that was announced on Friday by FIFA, met for the first time on Tuesday to engage on its mandate and plan the way forward.
She told Nampa Wednesday they found that the football association lacks human resource and finance policies.
“People at NFA just show up and don’t know their job descriptions. I was at the NFA in the morning (Wednesday) and only saw two senior officials in their offices while the rest of the employees were out, as it was indicated on the notice board, and one is not sure if they are out on duty,” she said.
The chairperson suggested that for the NFA to manage football effectively they need to have a genogram in place.
“It’s abnormal for an organisation to not have a HR person, the fact that NFA has not appointed someone for HR is because they did not see the need for that but there is money now to create that position,” stated Basson-Namundjebo.
She went on to say in the past, one person decided what should be done and the rest just followed.
“There are no paper trails at the NFA because what happens is ‘I tell you do this, you do it.’ People do not know their terms of engagement at the office and we will help them in fixing the matter,” she said.
In response on Wednesday, Barry Rukoro, who served as NFA secretary general explained that the executive committee (exco) “wanted to draw up human resource and finance policies two years ago”, but it never materialised.
“The secretariat put up the policies but it was not approved by the exco. We as the secretariat cannot be blamed for not having those documents in place if the exco never approved what we delivered to them up,” he said.
Basson-Namundjebo said the committee will first change the signatory rights for the NFA’s bank accounts and has nominated three people to start signing at the bank.
This will be followed by consultations with most of the regions who are not in good standing with the football association, after which a status report will be compiled, to know why these members are not in good standing.
Basson-Namundjebo is the chairperson of the Normalisation Committee and Franco Cosmos the vice-chairperson, while other committee members are Gabby Ahrens, Matti Mwandingi and Vivienne Katjiuongua. - NAMPA