• 17
  • Aug

ALL of those complaining about people earning high salaries or payments should look deeper before making so much noise. Sometimes their complaints are absolutely correct. But, most times they are misplaced.
The salary level is not the real point! The point is: VALUE-ADDED by the employee to the company for which they work.
It is not about N$1,000 per month or N$100,000 per month; it is about skills and qualifications, experience, job performance, fulfilling contracted expectations, and the quality completion of tasks assigned.

  • 10
  • Aug

I HAVE been following the discussion in the media about Olufuko and quite honestly, I do not understand what the fuss is all about.
As usual, I was quite curious to find out about olufuko, more so because the word olufuko sounds very much like the Otjiherero word “omusuko”, meaning an unmarried young woman. I did previously write that Otjiherero and Oshiwambo are quite close, as is the case with almost all the Bantu languages.

  • 10
  • Aug

I HAVE written lots about women and their commitment to hairstyles, make-up, and fancy nails. Some of my friends think I exaggerate with my stories. But now I feel vindicated that the world has watched the Olympics and seen sistas from all over the world lookin’ good and winnin’ medals.
Who said you have to be from the Semenya School of Fashion and not win at athletics lookin’ like you are ready for a stylish magazine spread? If that works for the ladies involved, then why shouldn’t they don the look of their choice when the world is watching?

  • 03
  • Aug

NATIS has been in the news for a while now. In case you did not know, NaTIS stands for “National Traffic Information System”. One of my kids has reached the driver’s licence age, and thus, inevitably, I have become quite familiar with the problematic issues about NaTIS.


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