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Many people are unable to accept constructive criticism. As a result, they cannot see the forest for the trees; they cannot find the gold nuggets of good ideas because they are lost in negative emotion and their own insecurities.

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  • Aug

I hear the gunshots. The desperate cry of babies is deafening. I see the women being raped and the foetuses removed with bayonets from their wombs. My stomach pains when I think about my people falling down one by one after drinking from the poisoned water holes in the vicinity of Ozombu Zovindimba in the barren stretches of the Kalahari desert.

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  • Aug

Complaining about something is easy; doing something about it is harder. I listen to complaints, but I listen harder for solutions. Large portions of employable Namibians don’t have work. Other than complaining about that reality, what are you doing to deal with it?
There is a dearth of entry level positions and a large number of lower-skilled potential employees. There are also thousands of our young people who come out of the educational system for one reason or another, without bankable skills.

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  • Aug

BY now we have all heard about the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) employees going on strike from midnight last Wednesday.
As a reporter and someone who loves being wherever the very dramatic action is, I was really disappointed at the way the strike played out.


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