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ALLOW me space in your newspaper as an ordinary citizen of our great nation and country Namibia to repeat what we know and hear time and again and which is the truth. The Constitution of Namibia is a spectacularly splendid document.

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Half a loaf is better no bread at all. In OtjiHerero we say “Otjikaku otjikuru katjisanene nahuuna”, which literally means that wearing an old shoe is better than being barefoot.

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IN the second half of last year, South African Airways won the Best Airline in Africa award at the World Airline Awards held on July 13at the Farnborough Air Show.

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THE German-Namibian relations are strained by a history of brutal mass murder. So far, the perpetrators’ country has not admitted guilt. Perhaps the German government does not want to set a precedent. Any willingness to pay reparations would put other former colonial powers under considerable pressure.


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