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FORGET about those musicians who want to make us believe that age is nothing but a number. Trust me: age is MORE than just a number!
Old people in my culture usually say that they have “ozo kaakaa zounene”, which is a statement about the squeaking sounds of old bones, which obviously deteriorates with one’s age. Whether one likes it or not, age will always find a way of literally rearing its ugly head – for men, you get a bald head or some seriously grey hair. Hair-colouring creams like Palette or Go-Black are of no use anymore, and so one must make peace with the new “mature” image.

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I SPENT this past week in Durban, attending the Brics Academic Forum, which is part of a series of official events leading to the Brics Head of State Summit on 26-27 March 2013.
The Brics, which groups Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is not independent from existing global power structures. It seeks to reinforce these power structures through a voice that is not substantively an alternative, but merely one of continuity. Still, it has made significant advances and the Durban Summit is likely to further institutionalise the body through a Brics Development Bank.

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WE are always told in life that you don’t have to worry about being in tight spots if you live honestly, stay true to yourself, know your own limitations and love the Lord. That’s what my Grandma Cookie always told me.
These days, it seems that anyone can be minding their own business, living their own life and then, someone else, reaches out of nowhere, tells an absolute lie and drags an innocent person into their mess. And, we all should be concerned - it can happen to any of us; anytime, any day, anywhere.

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DEATH has done it again. The belly of Mother Earth never gets saturated – it keeps on swallowing humans, and there is no end in sight; more graves will be dug this week and next week, and next year . . . Loved ones will cry rivers of tears. Again and again.


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