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  • Sep

PRESIDENT Hifikepunye Lukas Pohamba made ten new ambassadorial appointments to several locations, arguablymarking one of the most extensive changes in Namibia’s diplomatic personnel abroad since the dawn of independence.

  • 06
  • Sep

A man is a man. This is what they say in the townships. In OtjiHerero they go further and say that you can never build a wall around the eyes of a man (kajeumbuo ‘rumbo), because a man will always ogle a beautiful woman irrespective of his marital status, or even despite of his religious convictions.

  • 06
  • Sep

How many malls do we really need? I applaud economic progress. New business parks, industrial developments, office buildings, and other commerce centers speak of a robust economy, job creation, VAT/taxes being paid, and active entrepreneurs.

  • 29
  • Aug

I HAD a friend who grew up in a large family. She was quite emotionally unstable and was always involved in some conflict or another because she felt she wasn’t understood.


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