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I finally have a Facebook page (Jackie Asheeke). I resisted for years. Somehow, I think it is too demanding to keep current; I think it’s over-rated; and I feel that it over-exposes people. But, I was brow-beaten into submission when my 75 year old mother, complained about not being able to post something on my wall about her volunteer work at her church. Gee Whiz.

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In an interview that came out in the November 2013 edition of the Africa Report, Prime Minister Hage Geingob provides a laundry list of challenges facing Namibia, including land reform, poverty and a lack of industrialisation. Moreover, the Prime Minister infers in the same interview on the need for a stronger emphasis on industrial and mining beneficiation as a means to enlarge the tax base in order to deal with challenges in education and infrastructure development.

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The obnoxious concept of “axis of evil” was concocted by former US President George W Bush (remember him?) during his 2002 State of the Union address,targetting countries like North Korea, Iraq and Iran. The common denominator of these three countries is that they were seen by Washington as promoting terrorism and that they were pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weapons (or the so-called weapons of mass destruction).

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Lately more people are addressing specific shortcomings of SOEs to find solutions to the challenges they present. Speaking from experience, this discussion is long overdue. Questions about SOE performance, the salary cap, financial management, non-submission of required reports, and other concerns have their roots in the short-comings of the SOE Act.


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