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We were always there; somewhere in the room, but no one noticed. Out of frame in the photos, witnessing the negotiations, tense situations, crises, tragedies, and celebrations, we are standing quietly. We are the fixers, preparers, smilers, huggers, volunteers, observers, and torch bearers of the country. In fact, not much moves without us, we are the quiet diplomats: the wives of Ambassadors.

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That day, 10 December 1959, was a day of sorrow because, yet again, our people lost their lives in cold blood. On the other hand, it was also the day that many freedom fighters of the day decided that enough was enough; the national liberation struggle intensified, causing many Namibians to go into exile to launch an armed struggle.

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Jacques Foccart’s phrase ‘partir pour mieuxrester’ (‘leaving in order to stay’) has long exemplified how successive French governments have dealt with Africa. Francophone Africa specificallyhas been seen as an enduring extension of y of France.

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I finally have a Facebook page (Jackie Asheeke). I resisted for years. Somehow, I think it is too demanding to keep current; I think it’s over-rated; and I feel that it over-exposes people. But, I was brow-beaten into submission when my 75 year old mother, complained about not being able to post something on my wall about her volunteer work at her church. Gee Whiz.

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