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  • Aug
During a recent bridge tournament, once again in my life, cultural insensitivity reared its tiresome head and I was forced to smile and endure it, lest I ‘rock the boat’.  
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  • Aug
Land is a strange thing.
A couple of weeks ago, the Namibian Minister of Land Reform caused an outcry when he urged resettled black emerging farmers to ‘farm like white people’.
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  • Aug
President Mnangwaga of Zimbabwe gave a very startling response when he was quizzed by a journalist at State House in Windhoek last week on whether the land has become more productive since they took it back (from white Zimbabweans).
  • 26
  • Jul
The former Minister of Education and Hardap Regional Governor, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, was recently convicted of corruption, the High Court found she had improperly used her influence as a Regional Governor to put her relatives on a list of public housing beneficiaries, leaving more deserving families out in the cold.
Not surprisingly, she resigned not long after the guilty verdict was handed down.
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