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I do not know the full details fuelling the current determination of the USA and the UK to foment upheaval in Venezuela and attacks on its President Nicolás Maduro.   But, as my Grandma used to say, “There’s somethin’ rotten in the cotton.”
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I’ve been unusually pre-occupied with beer in the last few days.
I don’t drink it much. But I was intrigued by media articles on the tussle between the new kid on Namibia’s beer block, Desert Lager, and Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), who accuse desert lager of stealing the recipe for their Tafel Lite.
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Gun control is a vitally important issue in not only Namibia, but other societies, especially those that have emerged from struggle and war, and where there is a proliferation of small arms. Recent heinous murders/assaults and robberies where guns have been used, have pushed the gun control issue to the forefront.
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The situation under which Dr Joe Diescho has apparently made the choice to leave Namibia is concerning.  While much of what he recounts as under-handed efforts to frustrate him professionally has the ring of truth, the worries I have are much deeper.
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