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  • 24
  • Aug

BY now we have all heard about the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) employees going on strike from midnight last Wednesday.
As a reporter and someone who loves being wherever the very dramatic action is, I was really disappointed at the way the strike played out.

  • 24
  • Aug

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. He fears that if he is surrendered to the Swedish authorities for investigations related to sexual relations he had with Swedish women in Stockholm in 2010, Sweden will deliver him to the USA to face charges related to leaked documents published on WikiLeaks.
The USA is busy investigating WikiLeaks because of the on-line publications of a large number of leaked diplomatic cables, which are said to have embarrassed several governments and international businesses.

  • 24
  • Aug

I am trying to keep my husband more fit. As he is firmly in middle age, I decided to take more care about what he eats to make sure he has better foods that can address his cholesterol and high blood pressure issues.
I love the ‘belly handles’ that hang a bit over his belt, but I try to limit that love by preparing super foods.

  • 17
  • Aug

EVERY day the crescendo of complaints against the ramping of charges for properties whether for buying or rental is becoming louder.
If you rent a property or are looking for property to rent, you will be shocked to hear the high amounts being charged these days. It borders on obscenity and I wonder why it is this way.
This situation has put decent accommodation in the city out of reach not only for the poor but for aspiring first time home owners as well.


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