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Pohamba backs Nujoma statue

THE issue of whether the Reiterdenkmal should remain next to the Independence Memorial museum or make way for a statue of Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma has sparked emotional debate among Namibians.
It even forced President Pohamba to speak out against those Namibians who oppose replacing the Reiterdenkmal with a statue of the Founding President.

Orange Babies offers hope

BABA Sylla is a Senegalese who was a father to many children – most of whom were orphans he took under his roof.
A young pregnant woman approached him for shelter but he could not help her as he had taken in many children already and in the event he had to turn her away, which haunted him afterwards.

Dog smugglers caught red-handed

ANIMAL rights activists allege that they have caught a dog-theft syndicate red-handed smuggling 48 pedigree dogs stolen from South Africa across the Namibian border to Santa Clara in Angola for sale there.
The discovery of alleged large-scale dog smuggling at the border comes amidst allegations of dereliction of duty, or collusion by the Namibian Police for failing to stop the trafficking.

Helena puts the seatbelt on

BEFORE Helena Mootseng joined the City Police as the Public and Community Relations Officer last year, she regarded strapping herself in a car seatbelt as an unnecessary bother she only undertook to avoid falling foul of the law.
However today she wears the same seatbelt with pride as it forms part of her uniform and she appreciates that it is there to protect her in case she is involved in an accident.

Protests and falling dominoes

BY now we have all heard about the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) employees going on strike from midnight last Wednesday.
As a reporter and someone who loves being wherever the very dramatic action is, I was really disappointed at the way the strike played out.

Female officer assaults girlfriend

A City Police traffic officer Constable Riana Vries was allegedly caught in a lovers’ tiff with her girlfriend resulting in her physically assaulting her a week ago.
According to a source close to Vries, the two women have been in a relationship for two years and live under the same roof although the woman’s family did not approve of the relationship and persistently asked that she ends their affair.
However, last week Vries allegedly assaulted her partner after she threatened to leave her to start a relationship with a man.

Women drugged at Club

The women also claim that the owner of the club, who is well known in Windhoek, also initiates some of the crimes.

According to a police source, who preferred to remain anonymous, the women (some of them minors) go to the in order to enjoy themselves.

Usually the unsuspecting victims go there in groups there in groups together with male acquaintances and female friends.

Fly high with Namene

Air NamibiaWHEN you look up to the sky at the plane flying above you, what images of the pilot do you have? Certainly not that a woman could be in control of the machine flying so high.

Air Namibia pilot Namene Mbumba is one such woman who is part of a team of men and women who consider the sky as part of their work environment. This week she shared her perspectives on the aviation industry in Namibia with the Windhoek Observer.

WinWin redefines advertising

IN this competitive business world, innovation can mean the difference between failure and success and it is that belief that drives the WinWin Group (WWG).
After realising that the future of the group does not lie in traditional advertising, the company embarked on unconventional advertising, including road shows.

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