Enough is enough

I am writing this article with genuine sadness and worry. What is happening to our country and what is being done, visibly and tangibly to at least try to fix it?
I have come to believe that insufficient training is not the main reason for high unemployment in Namibia.  I believe there is another, more serious problem.

The Woodcraft folk and Olufuko

This is not an attempt to either stop or encourage the controversial Olufuko festival that recently took place in Outapi, nor the tradition of female initiation into womanhood in Oshiwambo culture, generally.
“Whatever is for me, will never miss me” is a quote that is all over social media, lately. This quote does seem to make a certain amount of sense, but is it true?

Naiveté has no seat at the table

With African leaders freshly returned from the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit in Beijing, conversations with some of my friends on the subject of China as the new colonial metropole for Africa are front and center. 

The low hanging fruits

I guess we all have complicated schemes entitled, ‘What I would do if I become president tomorrow,’ right?
I recall my grandmother telling me that she got ‘married’ when she was only eight years old. She also told me that she was abused by her so-called husband and was forced to do all household work plus look after his cattle.
We all are alert to the unbelievably insulting (and plain stupid) position of Shoprite/Checkers based in big brother South Africa to arrogantly and blatantly exploit Namibian workers by suing striking workers for N$450 million

Give back the land

I have come to conclude that the only way to achieve lasting peace in Namibia, as well as moral rectitude as a community, is for whites to give back as much land as feasible to the black majority.
Cleanliness promotes happiness, good health and a more welcoming atmosphere.  But, the Namibian nation is facing environmental challenges with overgrown bush areas, junk, trash and refuse thrown all over the place.
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