Is Jooste bullet-proof?

Yet again, I have read another headline about the upcoming Public Enterprises Governance Bill introduced by Minister Leon Jooste. 
It’s common for politicians, schoolteachers, police officers, and other ‘people we look up to’, to say something like, ‘yes, we all have Human Rights, but rights come with responsibilities’.

Namibia should respect LGBTQ rights

I see it every day in our communities and social lives, where people are faced with violence and discrimination because of who they love, how they look, or who they are. 

We are all complicit in this murder

Two weeks ago, a murder shocked Swakopmund.
Ivan Pitt, who later committed suicide, is suspected of having slit the throat of his girlfriend, Lindie Prinsloo, in her home in Swakopmund. Prinsloo’s six-year-old child was said by police investigators to have been home at the time.

Nurses and teachers must step up

Namibian teachers and nurses should wake up and end their lazy behaviour.  It’s terrible to see how those we entrust with our lives and that of our children have adopted an “I don’t care” attitude.  Things must change.
There has been much in the worldwide media about the mid-term elections in the USA.  This event has no impact on Namibia. Still, I ask your indulgence as I wax political about happenings in the land of e pluribus unum. 


Venom, currently at movie theatres in Windhoek, is a film about symbiosis: it’s about aliens and humans sharing bodies.

FYI rape is a crime

Is it just me or have the cries and fights to stop rape in our country fallen on deaf ears? I think more needs to be done to fight this serious and evil crime.
I have been reading the comments of several political pundits, lawyers and societal observers regarding the vapid statement made by SWAPO Party Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa,
Sex is power for women and the abuse of this power is more evident today than ever before.
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