‘Culture’ can be a tricky thing.
A local model faced a backlash on Twitter recently, for wearing a traditional Otjiherero headdress or otjikaiva with a sleeveless black evening dress at a fashionable city event.

Modernity vs tradition

We have merged tradition with modernity for generations. We no longer drive in donkey carts when traveling long distances – we have replaced that with fast cars that can get you there in no time

Geingob speaks wisdom to TA

Elders have wisdom; at least that is a widely accepted traditional assumption that seems to exist in all cultures. While that sweeping generality is open to debate, I rise to applaud the stalwart comments made by our near-octogenarian Head of State and the line minister when speaking to the culturally rooted Council of Traditional Authorities (TA) in Gobabis this week. President Hage Geingob and our Urban and Rural Development Minister Peya Mushelenga have chutzpah.
The streets in my neighborhood are mostly named after well-known late Namibian German businessmen. Metje and Ziegler, purveyors of fine automobiles. Gathemann the restauranteur. The famous traders, Woermann and Brock.
Gender-Based Violence (GBV), specifically violence against women, has been a hard-hitting issue in Namibia for as far as I can remember. We often hear cases that a man killed, beat, punched or stabbed his girlfriend or wife.

Beating is not learning

There is a video making the rounds showing a teacher of young children in a Rehoboth school insulting her charges and slapping one of them.  Teachers using physical aggression on students is a constant recurrence in Namibia.  And yet, corporal punishment in schools is supposed to be illegal. 

Many white people are very quick to call “reverse racism” as soon as any person of color calls out the racist actions – however small – of white people. It is an almost laughable display of ignorance and privilege – for as it turns out, reverse racism isn’t a thing!

It’s easy to be smug, as a Namibian, when you hear the international news these days.
Smug, adjective: having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements.
Many people have endured long-distance relationships and each time, it is a challenge and can be stressful.  Whether your partner lives in another city or country, it’s not always easy to handle it. Who am I kidding,

Beloved Toni Morrison

A great woman just died.  This meekulu’s works are absolutely amazing and her impact is forever rooted deep in the world; she will live forever.
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