In 2016, the Barbadian R&B legend Rihanna released Anti, her eighth studio album. The cover had no Roman-alphabet text, only information in Braille, in perfect groups of raised, feel-able dots.

Stop HIV/AIDS stigmatization

Most of us know something about HIV/AIDs, condoms, abstinence, and anti-retroviral medicines (ARVs). 
When I read about the SWAPO Party attaching decades of membership tenure and inclusion in this or that party structure to eligibility for holding elected office, I am utterly confused.  What does it matter whether someone is a party member for 1 day, 1 year, 10 years or 100 years when it comes to holding elected office?  The posts in question are ELECTED, not given away like candy. 

The Time Traveler: 365 Days of Activism

Sunday, 25 November was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
I am concerned that “able” and “capable” young people were not considered for appointment when President Hage Geingob announced new ambassadors and high commissioners this week.

Shouting out is not enough

I regularly read the SMS pages, columns and letters from the public.  These comments are very telling about issues that could be on the minds of many citizens.
Back in 2013, I had a bout of severe liver disease. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Stop self-sabotaging

Why is it that we all do things against our best interests from time-to-time?  We say the wrong things at the wrong time or do something we shouldn’t. 

Is Jooste bullet-proof?

Yet again, I have read another headline about the upcoming Public Enterprises Governance Bill introduced by Minister Leon Jooste. 
It’s common for politicians, schoolteachers, police officers, and other ‘people we look up to’, to say something like, ‘yes, we all have Human Rights, but rights come with responsibilities’.
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