The boss hates me

09 November 2012
Author   Anna Salkeus

THERE is a saying that if you are part of a circle of friends and you cannot identify who the weird one in the group is, consider yourself the weird one.


If you are birds of the same flock drinking rounds of beer at the bar, and you are the only one drinking juice or pink drinks, consider yourself the sober one to drive everyone home afterwards.

Now if you are an employee and cannot pin point the employee the boss simply can’t stand, consider yourself the hated employee by the boss.

I recently watched the movie “Horrible bosses” which focuses on a man who hated his boss so much that he planned to put him into extinction.

The lesson from the movie was that one should always stick with these horrible bosses because they bring the best out of employees and because they push employees to excel and perform very well.

As a disgruntled employee, you may disagree. I am not disgruntled but I also disagree. If the boss hates you, he hates you, period.

I’ve heard hilarious stories from all walks and all corners of the economy. It may sound hilarious when an employee says there are three drafts on their computer desktop all titled “Resignation.”

Two ladies were recently talking somewhere in Windhoek about how unfair their bosses are and that the best revenge would be to resign.

One lady ranted on about how her boss is the only man who welcomes her at the entrance of the company. The problem is that it is a greeting she finds unwelcoming.

“Whenever I am one foot out of the taxi, he is already at the door demanding for documents and files he will not even be going through. I think it is just to decorate his office. When I go to the bathroom, I can hear my phone ringing. He is already inquiring my whereabouts.”

But nothing beats the resounding, “My boss made me copy a book of 80 pages using the fax machine and to make matters worse, he made me print four copies.”

I wanted to laugh but when I thought about how my boss makes me go and take photos of buildings in Kleine Kuppe that are never published, I knew I was supposed to be sitting with those ladies and participating in that conversation.

I then weighed out my problems against those of my colleague to try and suss out whether I really was the most hated employee.

I sat down one afternoon with my colleagues, and had a brief conversation on who had it bad and whose situation was worse.

It turns out that the grievances were all the same. Everybody got the call when they disappeared off to the bathroom, but me.

Everybody got the “step into my office” look every time they pitched for work one second after 8am (08h00m01s).

Everybody got the “You have been out of the office since lunch time and it is 4pm. I am watching! I am warning you…

I only got the “Where are my stories tone on deadline day,” and nothing more.

So, after the extensive evaluation, I concluded that my boss does not hate me after all. Or does he?
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