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Women drugged at Club

23 July 2012

The women also claim that the owner of the club, who is well known in Windhoek, also initiates some of the crimes.

According to a police source, who preferred to remain anonymous, the women (some of them minors) go to the in order to enjoy themselves.

Usually the unsuspecting victims go there in groups there in groups together with male acquaintances and female friends.

The male acquaintances, who by then would have earned the trust of the girls, then take advantage of the situation to slip the drugs, usually a small pill concealed under their fingernails, into the victim’s drink.

After drinking the spiked drink, the victim becomes drowsy and sexually aroused and this is when the perpetrators take to them to the rest rooms at the back of the club and rape them.

While some women’s drinks are spiked without them noticing, others, teenagers in particular, are allegedly enticed into experimenting with hard drugs such as cocaine and then are raped when they fall into a drug-induced stupor.

“The perpetrators are known and trusted by the victims, but what the victims do not always know is that these men work in cahoots with the owner of the club.

“Once the women are drugged and start feeling drowsy, they are taken to rooms at the back of the club where between four and five men take turns to have sex with the women.”

A 26-year-old woman related her experience two months ago to the Windhoek Observer.

Natalia (not her real name) said she went to the popular hangout spot with her cousin and boyfriend.

Because she was aware that women are drugged and raped at the club, she had warned her cousin earlier that evening to be alert and look out for any suspicious symptoms including drowsiness and feeling sexually aroused.

Natalia says she then left the club and went home leaving her cousin and boyfriend (real names are known to the Windhoek Observer) at the club because they still wanted to drink.

“My boyfriend must have slipped a pill into her drink because she called me later on saying that she was experiencing the symptoms I had described.

“I rushed back to the club only to find that my boyfriend and some other guys were about to take her to another place outside the club to maybe sleep with her.

“We wanted to lay charges but we could not because we don’t have any evidence of who actually did it and what they put in her drink,” she said.

Senior Superintendent of the City Police Gerry Shikesho said that he had received three complaints about the club owner, and what happens there, but due to a lack of evidence, police could not open a case against him.

“I know there are more women who have gone through the same ordeal but if you don’t have any evidence, it is hard to point out the culprits and say that this is the man and person who did this, or this is the drug that was put in my drink.”

While some women have complained about the abuse, those who willingly go gallivanting on the streets late at night remain quiet because they are too ashamed to report the matter while others are afraid to speak out.

Another police officer said they suspect that some of the women who complained about being victims at the clubs might in fact have used drugs to pick up their courage to socialise with men without feeling any fear or remorse.

She said that besides instigating ‘date rapes’ the club owner in question is also well-connected to high ranking officials and foreigners.

Police also suspect him of distributing drugs (cocaine and heroin) to some of his high profile clients who do not want to be seen in Katutura. – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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