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Female officer assaults girlfriend

17 August 2012

A City Police traffic officer Constable Riana Vries was allegedly caught in a lovers’ tiff with her girlfriend resulting in her physically assaulting her a week ago.
According to a source close to Vries, the two women have been in a relationship for two years and live under the same roof although the woman’s family did not approve of the relationship and persistently asked that she ends their affair.
However, last week Vries allegedly assaulted her partner after she threatened to leave her to start a relationship with a man.

This allegedly upset Vries “because she had invested a lot in the relationship in the past two months. She even bought this lady a black Polo (vehicle),” the source said.
The source further added that the woman’s parents were further infuriated by the fact that when the two women met and became exclusive with one another, Vries’ partner had a six-month-old baby that she started neglecting and leaving at her parents’ home.
This further deepened their disapproval of the relationship.
A source at the City Police said that Vries’ partner had approached officers at the Complaints Discipline Department after Vries assaulted her and pleaded with them to convince Vries to let her go.
“She refused to lay charges because of the economic implications including losing the car Vries bought her
“Furthermore, she felt because Vries has two children a case might have bad repercussions on them and they might suffer if Vries lost her job.
“A lot of women working at City Police have had unpleasant encounters with her. Some complain about her behaviour at work. They are afraid of her and refuse to even work with her,” an official said.
The official added that “because of the event that took place during the week, Vries is now on leave and resting at home because she is in a state of depression due to the fact that this woman wants to leave her”.
“Vries’ girlfriend was swollen when she came to us. But she was afraid that this woman [Vries] might beat her up again so she categorically refused to lay assault charges.”
Vries declined to comment on the allegations made against her.
The Chief of the City Police Abraham Kanime confirmed the complaint and said he was currently working on two similar cases. He encouraged victims of abuse and harassment to approach his office for assistance.
He added that “in cases where issues of violence against vulnerable people and loved ones are involved, there should always be a complainant”.
“If the complainant refuses to lay charges, then there is nothing we can do because what we need first of all is for the victim to give us a statement.”
He added that City Police officers are not an exception in terms of violence and every case has its own repercussions.
“If harassment occurs, it is straightforward. We just need a statement and we take it seriously.
“Complaints should be brought to my office, we don’t tolerate such cases. If it were me, for example, harassing someone then the complainant can go to the Ombudsman or the Anti-Corruption Commission and report it but they should not remain silent,” Kanime said.
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