Sex videos are one step too far

10 May 2019
Author   Ismael Kambonde
Repeatedly, sex videos are released on social media and yet, people who participate in them or who maliciously release them, don’t seem to learn that it is a bad idea. 
This sex video trend is not something only reserved for Namibia, but it is a global phenomenon across the internet.  Ignorant people continue filming themselves in the nude or participating in sex acts.  Don’t they realise that employers, and even tertiary educational institutions weighing applications, Google people’s names before making decisions?  Everything on the internet last forever and those involved in sex videos can become the target of harassment, humiliation and disdain or even legal action.
Before the sexting or sex video craze hit, intercourse between partners (other than XXX porn) was never for the world to see.  Those who wanted to view studio porn choose as adults to lawfully indulge their right to do that.  I will not judge.  But, this wave of stupidity of allowing yourself to be filmed taking part in sex acts or in various stages of undress is a blight on all of us.  With the current technology, people are going out of their way to experiment all possible opportunities to make their sexual exploits a public event.  This is crazy.
The current video release of a local media personality, who was seen in two separate video’s having sex with another man sparked interest from the public and on social media. The television station has since suspended him.  Many were calling for his removal from television on social media claiming that he is the face of NBC and therefore should do better, while  some stated that people should not judge him ill and others took a homophobic point of view.
Having watched the video, I do not agree with his removal from work.  What does his private life has to do with his working life? If the video was shot while he was on duty at work then a suspension is in order.  But, apparently, it was shot on his own time not involving his place of work. 
People responding on line were giving this man all sorts of negative labels based on his sexual preference.  It’s sad to witness what the gay/lesbian community endures through the words of those who think they are somehow not humans just because of their sexual orientation.  I’d bet that many of those nasty people saying ugly homophobic things have people around them or in their beloved families that are in the closet!
If the issue of disgust with the video is solely due to the fact that exposing sexual activities on line is an anathema, then that point is well taken and I agree. If the video had been of him with a woman, then he also should be suspended from the TV airwaves.  If the issue is distributing pornography, then that is again, another legal issue with which he must content.  But, the issue here seems to be this man’s sexual preference, not the sex act being released on the internet.
People have been known to commit suicide as result of those mocking them with negative words about who they are. Just few months ago, in international news, a 15-year old American boy was reported to have committed suicide as a result of coming out as gay and then suffered from depression because of how people around him treated him. 
This is not only happening in America but throughout the world.  Many are out there taking their own lives because they feel that most people are against them or won’t understand the pain they are going through for being different.
So let’s spread the love regardless of anyone’s race, culture, language group, sexual orientation or anything else.  We are all people at the end of the day. Rather than mocking or labelling other human beings with names let us show support so nobody feels left out.
It’s a sad reality we are living in today, as society expects us to act in a certain manner regardless of who you are inside. 
As far as the problem is concerned, these hurtful and negative labels will continue until somebody does something to educate the ignorant and fearful people as well as openly and aggressively protect the rights of those affected,
While doing sex videos is one step too far in self-expression, let the debate be about that issue.  I think it is wrong to put sex tapes ‘out there’ and that has nothing to do with who was having sex. The issue is larger than just that.


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