Be inspired and be an inspiration

08 April 2019
Author   Eliakim N Silvanus
In tough times, we tend to feel uninspired and unmotivated; our desire to achieve goes down.  Today in Namibia, many people aren’t inspired – things are just too difficult. Hearing a budget speech that basically says things are not going to get better any time soon; being unable to find a job or pay university fees drains away positive feelings.  As things get worse, people feel darker about life’s potential.
  But, I think that inspiration is necessary to find the energy to keep trying to make your life better; when you are inspired you can motivate those around you. 
I see so many people around me these days who feel low about life. They don’t have money; they don’t have a job; there are family problems, bills that cannot be paid or they are in poor health. Namibia has a high suicide rate; there is a lot of alcoholism and drug abuse, rising anger and crime. But, I feel that it’s not too late to pursue something positive and find success.
Namibians are crying for a better life, but the way to achieve it is not easily found.  I have talked to many people who think that there is no way to live a better life.  They feel down and don’t see a way to make things better; they are uninspired.  But, if one can find inspiration in a person, a speech, a prayer, a book or wherever, even a small bit of joy can seep in.
Inspiration stimulates effort. For instance, on a university campus, many things can inspire some students to work hard on their studies. Those uplifting things need to be found; it is important to find a way to not let the difficulties of life drag you down. 
As a student, regardless of how one feels on the day of a test, it is still scheduled and must be taken. On exam day, one must find inspiration from within to apply all that you have learned and earn a good grade.  While I know it does happen, a person should not give up and fail the test just because they feel down.  It is important therefore, to not only look around for inspiration from other places and people, but sometimes, to find it within and to find it quickly. 
But what inspires me? Listening to inspirational Christian songs and thinking of people who have gone through a lot and survived, uplifts my spirit. That is how I find inspiration within myself.  
Other people find inspiration in faith, churches, family, love, music, books, relationships or the success stories of other people’s lives.  It doesn’t matter where one finds the hope to keep positive about life, but it must be found.  People cannot look only at the bad things and give up.
When I set my mind on a certain thing that I would like to attain out of life, I try hard to get it and I have failed many times.  It made me feel so low.  But, I don’t let myself stay low.  I find the smallest thing, even a song or story or a nice memory of someone in my life who I admire and I let that energy inspire me.
It seems to me that most of the successful people around the globe, achieve great things because they were inspired to keep going, in good times and bad.  They find things around and within themselves to uplift their spirits.  That is what everyone who feels low should try to do.
I believe that inspiration, like a smile, is infectious. When someone feels positive about life, it infects all who are around them.  When you feel down, you should keep company with people who uplift you; stay near positive thinking people or those who bring out the best in you. 
Even though you don’t have money for a taxi today or can only afford to buy a brötchen for lunch or your application for jobs are continuously rejected, or you know you are likely to be retrenched soon, find a way to stay inspired about life.  Sing a nice song, think about what you have and not what you don’t.  Be smart and save money, make a plan and find a part-time job that at least pays something.  Go out and play, laugh at a good joke, and give your loved ones a hug.  Find small points of happiness, but don’t give up – life is all about possibilities.  Be an inspired person and inspire others as well!


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