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I met a bitter white Namibian expat, the other day.
Now, if you have anything to do with Southern Africa, you’ll know that ‘bitter white expat’ is the last sort of person you want to meet.
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Parents send their children to school in the care of the teachers and administrators hoping they will be equipped with the necessary training for skills development, to learn new things, to prepare for life as adults, to learn self-respect and to practice good behavior in society. 
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When I saw the great Cathédrale de Notre-Dame á Paris (850 year old structure!) burning this week and the steeple collapsing into the inferno, I cried. 
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Its funny how, if you have some privilege in this society of ours, you tend to not even think how everyday things that you take for granted are denied to people who look different from you, or are from the wrong side of the Western Bypass.
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