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An outbreak of a new disease, a novel form of coronavirus, centered on the Chinese city of Wuhan, has so far claimed at least 813 lives.
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Growing up in the village in the 70s, I always wondered why male children were being revered and privileged while female children were merely seen as a ‘by-product’ of some accident that was not supposed to have happened.
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I don’t mind paying .60 cents per litre at the petrol station as a levy to repay the loans taken to build the fuel storage facility at Walvis Bay. But, I mind the N$7 billion price tag for the entire venture.
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The Malawi top court nullified that country’s 2019 elections.  This issue is particularly relevant in Namibia as our Supreme Court this week, slammed various illegalities involved in the decision to run the November 2019 elections using EVMs with no paper trail, but declined to nullify the elections as a remedy. 
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