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There’s a big illuminated sign as you enter Windhoek’s Hochland Park suburb that says, I kid you not, ‘Goshwack Road’.
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“You cannot expect to be good at fighting if you are scared of being hurt.”
This is what our karate instructor would always tell us when we were still newbies in the art. I couldn’t agree with him more.
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It is a whole new world out there in terms of DATA or better called:  Metadata.  That word must be the most important word of the 21st century.  Every bit of information about you and everything around you and involving you, is only a scrap of the data that can be used to dictate/predict all sorts of things that affect you.  Those who figure out a way to control data, will control people.   Metadata is a reality forever. We need to stop being stupid about it and start figuring out ways to protect some shred of our privacy.
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You are choosing to be blind if you do not see tens of thousands of Namibians swarming offices to apply for a limited number of jobs. The government, facing a re-election bid, can spin and gloss over many things. But nothing can overshadow the government’s inability to manage the employment crisis epitomized by those long lines.

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