front sam 29 novTHE Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in the Ministry of Finance has collected almost N$15 billion in taxes since January 1 this year, which represents an increase 15 percent on the amount collected during the corresponding period last year. In an interview this week the Commissioner of Inland Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, Sam Shivute said that the figure surpassed any previous amounts collected, which showed that the tax authority had improved its revenue collection.

front Poly  29 nov THE 8th Session of the 5th Parliament ended on Wednesday this week, without even tabling the Act to legalise the name change of the Polytechnic to the University of Science and technology as it had promised the institution. Communications and Marketing Director at the Polytechnic Kaitira Kandjii on Wednesday morning said that the Polytechnic had hoped that it could launch the new name of the institution by January 2014.

front pay 22 novMedical interns working at state health facilities, who are being forced to work up to 36 hour shifts at a time, are also costing the Ministry of Health and Social Services millions annually in private accommodation. The Windhoek Observer has learnt that the health ministry instead of evicting illegal occupants from doctor’s quarters have been paying an absurd amount of money to local bed and breakfasts to accommodate medical interns.

front Veikko 22 novSPECULATION around the possible suspension of the deputy secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Veikko Nekundi has refused to die down among party members. Over the past four months, speculation suggesting that the powerful group that controls the SPYL has targeted the youth deputy secretary with the intention of having him removed from the leadership.

front Kapofi 15 novTHE Secretary to Cabinet Frans Kapofi has defended the inconsistent manner, in which Government goes about filling vacancies of Permanent Secretaries (PSs). “The law provides for flexibility, therefore I don’t think there is inconsistency. If you prescribe at that level you may not acquire the desired skills, hence the flexibility given under the law, that it can be this or that way,” Kapofi argued.

front land 15 nov THE amendments to the two laws governing the administration of agricultural land that Minister of Land and Resettlement, Alpheus !Naruseb recently tabled in Parliament will not speed up land reform, according to one land expert. In an interview this week, land reform researcher at the Legal Assistance Centre Willem Odendaal said that if anything it might just have the opposite effect of inflating land prices.

front city 08 novThe City of Windhoek’s new strategy to fast track the shortage of serviced land in the Capital through Public Private Partnerships has run into headwinds from some Strategic Executives in the municipality. Documents tabled at the October 30 meeting of the council show a lack of consensus among the various departments in the municipality, particularly on a profit sharing formula between the local authority and the private developers.

front Meatco 08 novWINDHOEK – Meat exports from Meatco to the European Union (EU) market is worth between N$340 million and N$500 million. The Meat Corporation of Namibia’s (Meatco) Manager of Corporate Communication and Marketing, Mario Poolman noted that 33 per cent of its products go to the overseas markets in the latest media statement issued by the company on Monday.

front SPYL 01 novFour years after the Windhoek City Council approved and allocated the sale of 30 hectares of land to the Youth Development Initiatives (YDI) consortium, nothing has been done with the land. To date the consortium have not paid a cent of the N$40,611,00.10 which the council approved as the upset price back in 2009, and have instead approached the council with a revised proposal.

front Sioka 01 novThe Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour George Simataa appears to be the driving force behind the decision by Minister Doreen Sioka’s ultimatum to have the entire board of the Social Security Commission (SSC) resign or be fired. Although the focus for the last couple of weeks in the SSC saga centred around the fallout between the board and its CEO Kapara Tjivikua and later with the minister what has now come to the fore is that the awarding of billion dollar projects by the SSC are also at play.


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