front city 08 novThe City of Windhoek’s new strategy to fast track the shortage of serviced land in the Capital through Public Private Partnerships has run into headwinds from some Strategic Executives in the municipality. Documents tabled at the October 30 meeting of the council show a lack of consensus among the various departments in the municipality, particularly on a profit sharing formula between the local authority and the private developers.

front Meatco 08 novWINDHOEK – Meat exports from Meatco to the European Union (EU) market is worth between N$340 million and N$500 million. The Meat Corporation of Namibia’s (Meatco) Manager of Corporate Communication and Marketing, Mario Poolman noted that 33 per cent of its products go to the overseas markets in the latest media statement issued by the company on Monday.

front SPYL 01 novFour years after the Windhoek City Council approved and allocated the sale of 30 hectares of land to the Youth Development Initiatives (YDI) consortium, nothing has been done with the land. To date the consortium have not paid a cent of the N$40,611,00.10 which the council approved as the upset price back in 2009, and have instead approached the council with a revised proposal.

front Sioka 01 novThe Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour George Simataa appears to be the driving force behind the decision by Minister Doreen Sioka’s ultimatum to have the entire board of the Social Security Commission (SSC) resign or be fired. Although the focus for the last couple of weeks in the SSC saga centred around the fallout between the board and its CEO Kapara Tjivikua and later with the minister what has now come to the fore is that the awarding of billion dollar projects by the SSC are also at play.

front hrt 25 octThe Managing Director of HRT Namibia Martin Davis has rubbished the speculation that people might have cooked up the data in the Geological 2 as well as 3 D surveys it used for its drilling campaign to mislead the company. Allegations of faulty data have become rife after the completion of drilling on a third well by HRT to find economically viable oil in Namibia came up dry.

front Sioka 25 octCHAIRMAN of the Social Security Commission board Rick Kukuri says the board never intended to snub Minister of Labour Doreen Sioka when it went against her advice not to suspend CEO Kenandai Tjivikua. Kukuri said the board’s decision to suspend Tjivikua never aimed at undermining Minister Sioka but only tried to follow company procedures.

front meat 18 octNamibia’s two leading beef export abattoirs to the lucrative Norway market have locked horns over the export quota that they now have to divide equally between them. Witvlei Meat, which is the smaller operator of the two, wants the entire quota allocated to it. Meatco on the other hand wants a review of the 50-50 sharing formula, arguing that in terms of the volumes it slaughters it cannot share the export quota equally with Witvlei.

front rdp 18 octIn addition to the already unfolding drama at the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) this week, it has now emerged that the controversial human rights activist Phil Ya Nangoloh has entered the muddied waters of the RDP presidential campaign. Ya Nangoloh’s involvement first became apparent when he funded the placement of an advertorial for one of the RDP presidential candidates.

front BoN 11 octTHE news of former Assistant Governor of the Bank of Namibia (BoN) Michael Mukete leaving the central bank to join PointBreak Group Namibia has raised questions of conflict of interest and ethical conduct in the banking sector. The Bank of Namibia has granted a provisional banking licence to a subsidiary of PointBreak called e-Bank, which is what corporate governance and ethical business behaviour campaigners in the country now question.

front Bill 11 OctThe recent uproar in parliament about the tabling of the procurement bill by Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila appears to be a little more than Kazenambo Kazenambo being carried away by his emotions sources in Swapo say. The tabling of the bill has once more exposed the division within the ruling party, and even though Swapo’s elective congress determined where the political power lies, it has not stopped other factions in the party from going after economic power.


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