front Pohamba 14 febONE month after the shocking statistics on the failure rate of the first intake of students at the Unam medical school became public, the Chancellor of the University of Namibia (Unam) President Hifikepunye Pohamba appears to have taken no action. The results of the medical students were disturbing enough, but it has further emerged that medical professionals already communicated the challenges experienced by the medical school to the Ministry of Education as far back as two years ago.

front Graft 07 febTwo young businessmen have been flirting with Ovahimba Chief Hikuminae Kapika to win his support for the construction of the Baynes Hydro Power Plant along the Kunene River. Many regard Chief Kapika as the main obstacle to the dam construction project that Government desperately wants to get off the ground. Kapika has been at the forefront of the protests against the building of the dam at Orokawe situated in the Baynes Mountains. He has received considerable support mainly from people in western countries who oppose the dam supposedly in the name of protecting and preserving minority cultural heritage.

front land 07 febTHE City of Windhoek sold a property in Kleine Kuppe at a substantially reduced price to a deputy ministry after the politician complained that she could not afford the price set by the municipality. The municipality agreed to sell Erf 664 measuring 817 square metres in Kleine Kuppe’s Conception Street for N$1,078,400 by private treaty and not auction to the Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, Hilma Nikanor. However, after Nikanor objected to the municipality that the amount was much higher than the first valuation certificate issued to her on 4 July 2013, the municipality reduced the price by almost two-thirds to N$345,000.

front Castro 31 janA Namibian fishing company’s operations have come to a standstill after its Cameroonian-born partner and managing director defrauded it of millions of dollars. The company has been unable to pay its sea-going workers and it has debts with other creditors for non-payment of services. The company, JCS Seafood, is about to lose its vessel because the MD took a loan of N$4.5 million from Atlantis Fisher Namibia and used the company’s fishing vessel as security.

front BoN 31 janIt is a safe bet that the Bank of Namibia (BoN) will wait for a couple of months before it considers increasing interest rates, a local economist predicts. South Africa’s central bank on Wednesday raised its key interest rate, aiming to halt a rush out of its bonds and currency spurred by a run on faltering emerging-markets around the world.

front works 24  jan THE Namibia Airports Company (NAC) is still at loggerheads with the Ministry of Works and Transport after one year about the repair work contractors still have to carry out at on the Walvis Bay airport runway. Deputy Director of Aviation Administration and Navigation at the Directorate of Civil Aviation Tobias Gunzel said that since his ministry allocated the tender for remedial work on the runway in 2013, the NAC had not permitted the contractors to do the work.

front Green  24 janLACK of regulation to protect local fresh produce from competition against cheap imports and a small absorption capacity hampers Namibia’s fledging green scheme, Managing Director of the newly established AGRIBUSDEV Petrus Uugwanga said. Uugwanga said that a regulation against competition from cheap mass produced fruit and vegetables from South Africa would help ensure that locally produced crops have a market, thereby bolstering domestic consumption.

front sidney 17 janSydney Martin has fired another shot this time hitting at the Namibian government claiming that it made the conditions for the Norwegian meat quota favourable only to Meatco. In the process the Chairman of Witvlei Meat made Brukkaros a casualty, alleging that it does not have a meat export licence. This latest attack follows a series of allegations Martin has vented against Trade Minister, Calle Schlettwein, Meatco CEO Vekuii Rukoro and the white farming community.

front vote 17 janAs the electoral commission of Namibia launched its voter registration drive this week Wednesday, a youth voter mobilisation and election drive campaign has also been launched to mobilised the youth to vote. According to the Executive Secretary of the National Youth Council (NYC), Mandela Kapere, the aim is not only to encourage youth to register to vote but also to vote in large numbers in the 2014 general and presidential elections.

front Meat 10 janWINDHOEK – The proposed new import permit system of livestock and products regulations by South African authorities will have an dramatic impact and make it virtually impossible for Namibia to trade with RSA, warns the Meat Board of Namibia. “This is something of great concern for our industry and we hope and support the Directorate of Veterinary Services to negotiate a good export deal for our industry,” said General Manager of the Meat Board of Namibia Paul Strydom when approached by the Windhoek Observer.


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