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Tjivikua accuses Namwandi

In an interview this week, the Rector of the Polytechnic of Namibia, Dr Tjama Tjivikua, spoke frankly about the challenges and progress in the transformation of the Polytechnic into a university. Tjivikua highlighted the lack of infrastructure as one of the biggest obstacles to the transformation process. He also explained how the change in leadership at the Ministry of Education has affected the process.

Controversial Bill tabled

front Kawana 01 augAll eyes are fixed on Swapo MPs after the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Attorney General Albert Kawana tabled the Third Amendment Bill to the Namibian Constitution in parliament on Thursday. The majority of the proposed amendments have come under serious public scrutiny in recent weeks. The Bill proposes the amendment of Article 32 of the Constitution for the creation of the office of the Vice President. The Bill seeks to re-arrange the hierarchy of succession and making the appointment of a Deputy Prime Minister optional.

Geingob finally hits back

front geingob 01 augPRIME Minister Hage Geingob took the house by surprise on Thursday afternoon when he addressed fellow members of the National Assembly on the rise of tribalism in Namibia. Without beating about the bush, Geingob said there is a storm brewing on the horizon, and that the nation is slowly witnessing the emergence of tribalism in certain quarters of society. The Prime Minister delivered his message to a full house not only of members of parliament, but also ordinary citizens, who had come out in their numbers to hear his statement.

SPYL wants a bigger pot

THE influence of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), particularly its Secretary General Elijah Ngurare, continues to diminish after his key allies failed to make it to the pot during the league’s recent elections

Air Namibia splashes N$200,000 at Hilton

RECENT investigations have uncovered that Air Namibia has rung up a N$200,000.00 bill at the Hilton Hotel in Windhoek in the last seven months for the accommodation of its Chief Operations Officer Rene Gsponer.

Sioka threatens SSC board

front Sioka 28 marTHE MINISTER of Labour and Social Welfare has threatened to take former board members of the Social Security Commission (SSC) to court if they refuse to pay back money they allegedly used to overcompensate themselves for sitting fees. In an interview on Monday Doreen Sioka said that her office would demand that board members pay back portions of the money, and failure to do so would result in her taking legal action against the board. Sioka stuck to her guns regarding the allegation that board members were either overcharging, or charging the commission sitting fees when they had not even met.

Mutorwa soft on Meatco

news Mutorwa 28 marTHE Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) took a N$200 million loan from a local bank without the consent of the Agriculture Minister or the Minister of Finance as its enabling Act apparently requires. The matter was referred to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for investigation, but the commission concluded that the matter did not fall within its mandate.

Women threaten boycott

MINISTER of Labour and Social Welfare and member of the Swapo Party Women’s Council Doreen Sioka says that if her party does not implement the 50/50 gender policy women should boycott the forthcoming elections.

Don’t provoke a soldier

IN an exclusive interview this week Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Doreen Sioka gave an account of her experiences during the liberation struggle and her journey into politics for the first time. Sioka, who is also in the process of publishing her autobiography titled Journey of Tears, spoke about the events that changed her life and that of the country permanently.

Botched job on NDF HQ

front ndf 20 marTHE Government has again put the construction of the new N$600 million National Defence Force (NDF) Headquarters on hold following several previous delays. The latest spanner in the works of the six-year long process to erect the new facility apparently arose because of the poor quality work done by a North Korean contracting company called Mansudae Overseas Projects. A source from the ministry, who preferred to remain anonymous, explained this week that work came to a halt at the beginning of the year after officials discovered that the contractor had not met certain standards.

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