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NUDO MPs challenge recall

The two National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) Members of Parliament (MPs) who have been recalled from the National Assembly (NA) have vowed to challenge the decision.

Solar not so cheap

Namibia’s bet on solar plants to argument the country’s existing power generation deficit could prove costly as it emerges the cost of electricity generated by Independent Power Producers (IPPs), is expensive compared to the cost of imports and power generated by NamPower’s power plants.

Government targets diplomats

The cushy life of Namibian diplomats could soon subside, with government planning to review their packages as part of its on-going cost cutting measures and review of its bloated civil servant wage bill, the Windhoek Observer can reveal.

Your travel budget checklist

With the upcoming public holidays, some of us might wake up to last-minute getaways with family and friends.

FAO, Govt launch CPF

More than N$150 million is required to implement the Country Programming Framework (CPF) covering t 2019-2023, the Agriculture minister, Alpheus !Naruseb has revealed.

Will they let him remove the tree stumps?

The existing SOEs have collectively gathered a debt of N$43 billion or 25 percent of this nation’s GDP.  However, the Ministry of Public Enterprises (MPE) is empowered to ensure that PEs are well managed and reduce the financial burden on the state.

Miners livid over insufficient tariff decrease

Miners are livid overt the decision taken by the Electricity Control Board (ECB) to only approve a 2,5 percent decrease in the bulk electricity tariff, when power utility NamPower had asked for a 3,11 percent decrease.

GIPF plans N$7 billion investment

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is planning to invest N$7.2 billion locally to achieve the 45 percent domestic asset requirement as mandated by the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority’s (NAMFISA) regulation 13.

Connected officials set to clinch diamond deal

Gem Diamonds Namibia, a company linked to a politician and a government minister known to the Windhoek Observer, is tipped to be awarded the multimillion-dollar government tender to value Namibian diamonds despite previously having come out second in the tender evaluation process.

Caution: murder is murder

The recent murder of a Namibian citizen by a Chinese national working in Namibia is an outrage and tragedy.  However, we believe that the ‘hang’em high’ fever pitch that is erupting, is unseemly. 


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