Faith Haushona-Kavamba

Curing your DTS

Over 80% of the Namibian population suffers from Dinner Table Spasms (DTS). By the time most of this number hit 30, they would have suffered over a 100 full

The Wedding Ringer predictably funny

People often think that being predictable means being monotonous, which is true in certain cases, but sometimes it just means that it will not disappoint you.

Learning to love your own skin

When I think of purgatory, I imagine it being something close to having to stand in a long queue in the bank when you are pressed for time.

Reclaiming black narratives

ent osho 20 feb“Hollywood operates as a brothel-keeper to the omnipresent empire, in the pursuit of both the preservation of capital and the continuation of the myths that justify its Eurocentricity,” director Perivi Katjavivi boldly wrote recently.

We are only in the second month of 2015 and Namibian artists are still pulling the same tired crap. They never seem to learn, or maybe they just don’t care, but either way Vikesha is fed up.

Think you’re having a horrible day? Then picture yourself standing in a queue in a poorly ventilated office building behind a guy with dreadlocks that have clearly never touched water or shampoo in years.

Step aside MTV, here comes ThisTV!

Lownan Nangombe a.k.a. Wambuseun is mainly known as the innovative rapper who popularised Afrikaans-language music with black audiences locally.

Fifty shades of disappointment

On any other day, I would have demanded that the driver of this death trap he called a cab stop and let me off before we even left the taxi rank.

New open air theatre takes off

The College of the Arts (COTA) last week held a groundbreaking ceremony for the theatre schools’ new Skyline Theatre.

 Following my best friend’s lead, let me declare before God and men that no Valentine’s Day formed against me shall prosper.

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