Faith Haushona-Kavamba

Navigating life through your 20s

Before you reach 20, beg Father Time and Mother Nature to have mercy on your naïve soul and have them stop your life clock. Growing up is not as easy as they make it look, and if you thought being a pimply faced teenager was bad, wait till you reach your 20s.

Addiction mired in melodrama

Far be it for me to bash a movie trying to address the perils of addiction, be it substance or sexual, but I will not tolerate a movie that seeks to further shame women about their sexuality.

Geingos caught in Nanso race

front sharon febBy Thursday morning this week, the power struggle in the Namibia National Student Organisation’s (Nanso) presidential elections seemed poised to entangle first-lady-in-waiting Monica Geingos.

Ndilimani deny N$4 million rumours

The Ndilimani Cultural Group’s operational manager Jessy Nambanza this week denied having received a N$4 million payment for the group’s performance at the final Swapo Star Rally last year.

NBC feud with GOtv turns nasty

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Director-General Albertus Aochamub has accused MultiChoice of carrying the national broadcaster’s programming irregularly without a formal agreement to do so.

Celebrating Jacob Morenga’s legacy

ent jokab febThe account of the death of one of Namibia’s most illustrious heroes, Jacob Morenga, has all the hallmarks of high drama with elements of tragedy and heroism woven together in equal measure.

Navigating the Maze with Kirsten Wechslberger

Kirsten Wechslberger’s Navigating the Maze will be exhibited at the FNCC Gallery from Friday 9 March 2015 until 8 April..

Back fence chatter:Say my name

A certain DJ, whose name is alarmingly similar to the blond Australian singer with the hit single Chandelier, has Vikesha worried.

The ranting of a fashion nut: Sweet nothings

It is easy to dish out a heavy tongue-lashing on fashion faux pas and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

One Blood going strong


Whoever came up with the famous phrase “blood is thicker than water”, should have added a few more words, which translate to family businesses being the key to success.

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