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The ranting of a fashion nut: Is that a fur coat?

A few sane people exist in the world that you do not need to tell this, but the rest of the loonies out there you definitely need to tell.

The penniless rover and the guiding hand

I make no secret of the fact that I am a penniless rover, but a rover nonetheless. I love to travel, but I mostly travel in my dreams or when an annoying person starts talking at me and I’m trying to find an escape, because of the holes in my pocket.

Female MPs rally together

Newly elected female members of parliament have vowed to stand behind each other regardless of their political affiliations once they assume their duties. The MPs made the commitment after they spent time together at an induction seminar held recently at the Gross Barmen Resort just outside Okahandja.

Local designer goes international

ent designer27march25-year-old Maria Immanuel has set her eyes on impressing the international fashion community during the Retro Vintage Kolektion (RVK) Fashion Week which will take place in April. Immanuel, who majored in fashion studies at the College of the Arts (Cota), is determined to make her big debut with something that will have people talking for years.

Goute France - a culinary adventure

Sit with me and listen as I take you on a culinary adventure, in which the road is not always smooth but the destination has its own reward. Armed with emergency conversation and my most decent cocktail dress, I made my way to the French Embassy, not knowing what to expect from my hosts, save for an intricate menu that they had sent with my invitation.

Chappie fails to impress

Full disclaimer before I begin. I am one of those freaks who is madly besotted with Optimus Prime and I think we should elope and have lots of Autobot babies (the science of how does not matter).

The ranting of a fashion nut: 1800-Dial-A-Stylist

Monica Geingos (née Kalondo) exudes an infectious confidence. I can’t decide whether it has to do with her glossy hair but she makes you want to sit up straight and suck in your gut, even if you are simply watching her on TV.

Trey Songz buzz at fever pitch

MUCH to the surprise and joy of RnB and gospel fans, telecommunications giant MTC earlier this week announced that it would bring Trey Songz and Rebecca Malope to perform in Namibia.

Big Ben opens online artist directory

ent bigben 20 marchEver the music titan, Big Ben this week unveiled yet another project aimed at developing not only local music, but the entertainment industry as a whole. The award-winning musician has launched an online artist directory to increase their visibility on the market.

Namibia’s next top model

It takes a certain kind of man to be able to walk down a runway and own it, especially in a country riddled with stereotypes about what is a real man. Twenty-year-old Bobby Kanjoosa is one such man, and he will shout it from the top of the tallest building without any hesitation.

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