Faith Haushona-Kavamba

The ranting of a fashion nut: Comfy Onesy

ARTISTS rarely surprise me because they are the only group of people you can expect to go to great lengths to shock you with their fashion choices.

Diagnosis: Regular b***h

CONGRATULATIONS, you have been working towards this moment your whole life and they have now diagnosed you as a regular b***h or a “regular” for short.

Farewell Catty Catt

ent CATTY 24 OctMESSAGES of shock and condolences flooded social media this week as news broke of the passing on of one of local hip hop’s most prominent artists.

Shishani a step closer to immortality

In 2012, local artist Elemotho made history by becoming the first Namibian to win the coveted Discoveries Award from Radio France Internationale (RFI).

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’entrate” Abandon all hope, Ye Who Enter Here! Abandon the hope of ever seeing all your 10 fingers again should you put your scrawny paws into my handbag.

GMP fun day disappointing

ent davido 17 Oct“Davido stopped his performance and hit a security guard in the back because he (security guard) just stood by as one of the people in the crowd was being attacked,” a visibly shocked fan recounted.

The ranting of a fashion nut: Trend watch

LAST weekend my cousin and I were engaged in a fiery discussion as she was convinced that floppy hats were still trending.

Full figured beauties show off curves

ILENA Hifenua made history last Friday night when she was crowned the first-ever Miss Curves Namibia after going head-to-head against 14 other curvaceous beauties.

You know you are Namibian when…

IF you were walking down the road in a foreign country and stumbled upon a stranger doing something particularly Namibian, would you know simply by their actions that they were compatriots without talking to them?

Designer takes SADC region by storm

ent goareb 10 OctHEAD designer at House of Tsadago (HoT) Immanuel Garoeb last week proved that Namibian designers have what it takes to compete and win on an international platform.

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