Faith Haushona-Kavamba

Luis stays true to self

ent luis Nov 14IF you are expecting to run into a love-struck, weepy Luis Munana from Big Brother Africa Hotshots, you will have to wait a long time.

I WISH to apologise to all the water and soap shy men out there for excluding you in the articles I did previously that mentioned a whore’s bath.

No rest for determined KK

IT goes without saying that Kadeen Kaoseb, popularly known by his stage name KK, is one of the most talented hip hop artists in the country.

You have been Catfished!

YOU wait in anticipation as your Skype starts to video call the drop-dead gorgeous girl/guy you have been talking to for months.

Trick or treat?

ent trick nov 7THE western tradition of Halloween has evolved over the years. With its roots in Christianity, the holiday was meant as a time to remember the dead, especially saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers, while using humour and ridicule to confront the power of death

I HAVE often said that I would love to relocate to a coastal town. The view of the sea and the cool breeze sounds like heaven.

Comedy is no joke

COMEDIANS have perhaps the toughest job one can think of. Their sole purpose is to make other people laugh, which may sound like fun and games until one realises they have been put in a room full of strangers from different walks of life.

Educate yourself!

One would think that I would have a special understanding or appreciation for education, considering that my mother was an educator most of my childhood years.

Film and theatre stars shine at awards

ent Film  31 OctLOCAL film and theatre stars all gathered at the National Theatre of Namibia last weekend dressed to the nines in the hope of walking away with one of the 22 coveted awards in the industry.

Free Your Mind ends year with a bang

ANYONE who has ever felt stressed will tell you that all they look for after a long tiring day is a way to rid themselves of that negative energy.

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