Faith Haushona-Kavamba

Young leader sets sights on Fiji

ent liz 17 aprilThere are people in this world who are destined for great things and destined to be great leaders. It does not take much to see this, and all one needs to do is look at the manner in which they conduct themselves and treat those around them.

NAMAs newcomers make a splash

If there was ever a time when Namibia felt hungry for new talent and ready to welcome it with open arms, that time would be now.

The stench of a charlatan could line this entire city and it would still leave us with more than enough to pollute this country.

The penniless rover

My asthmatic lungs gasp for air as they breathe in what feels like vaporised black tar and they attempt to break free from my bruised rib cage.

Things men say that turn women off

I often hear men say that women are complicated and that no one will ever understand them, even if they don’t understand themselves.

Sicilia worlds away from Italy

Contrapposto sculptures, reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David, followed me with their gaze as I walked into Sicilia restaurant.

Just another Cinderella movie

Brace yourselves you dreamers who believe in wizards, witches and magical faraway lands that can shelter you from your wretched lives because Director Kenneth Branagh is about to crush all your hopes and dreams.

Makurunganga live up to their name

ent Makurunganga 10 aprilIt is almost 1 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, and a classroom full of learners listens attentively as their stern looking teacher gives them homework for the day.

Dyko mesmerising

Up until Friday, 27 March, I could not confidently have said that I had ever seen a live electronica/synth-pop performance, and I am sure some of the 300 learners who attended the show would admit to the same thing.

Don Kamati bigger and better

Almost a year has passed since the eager and soft spoken Lazarus Ashipala, also known as Don Kamati, released his debut EP album, with nothing more than his hopes fuelling him on.

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