Why is it that those in the entertainment industry don’t support each other? They don’t attend each other’s events.
With this statement, I am referring to my personal experience at the recent, Windhoek Fashion Week, that was held in the capital last week Saturday.

Rinelda’s diary: Missing the old sounds

Have you ever missed artists who aren’t making music any longer? Their voices have gone mute over the years. You still have their old music and can still play and sing to their old songs, but you don’t hear about them any longer.
When will the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) get things right? They have been televising live shows for many years, but still fail to impress.
Are you seeing what I am seeing? We all know the red rose is a symbol of love and romance, but now, it is dominating the textiles and fabric prints used in the fashion industry. 
It is official; I can say it out loud for the whole world to hear: I have bad luck when it comes to beauty.
For most people, a day of beauty treatments means that they will be pampered properly, but for me it is always the other way around.
Is it just me who finds the condition of toilets at restaurants very important? It troubles me to know that many eatery owners don’t seem to care about cleanliness in their toilets.
I was completely disappointed when I watched the nbc program What a Lifestyle last week.  While this program has huge potential, it was outdated talking about fashions and styles for the winter while we are all peeling off our coats, tights and jackets to welcome the summer. 
It has become second nature for many if us to pick up our phones and log on to our social media profiles immediately after waking up.
It irritates me to see that some Namibians are trying to forget about their home languages. It seems that more parents are preferring to teach their children English instead of their mother language.
Several years ago after a horrific experience at a local wellness centre spa in Windhoek, I made the decision to never go to a spa again. 
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