SPCA CEO’s salary gets tails wagging

08 June 2018 Author   CHAMWE KAIRA
Non-profit organisation, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), has come under fire for paying its Chief Executive Officer an obscene salary of N$130,000 per month or just over N$1,5 million per year,
which is almost 50 percent of its annual total income.
Financial statements for the year ended 30 June revealed that Monique Redecker’s salary package has been milking SPCA’s financial coffers dry.
According to the statements, the SPCA received a total income of N$3.4 million last year compared to N$3.2 million in 2016.
Of this amount, N$1,4 million came from grants and bequests, N$36,000 from membership fees, N$250,000 from the City of Windhoek and N$455,353 from the adoption of animals.
Income was also derived from other activities and sales of various items.
Concerned citizens and animal lovers took to social media to complain about the CEO’s salary package.
According to one Facebook post, a general worker who does most of the work at SPCA, including on weekends, is still being paid N$6,500 per month after 10 or 11 years working for the organisation.
The worker is said to be the only one with an Inspector's Certificate.
Several animal lovers agreed that the general worker’s salary should have been increased.
“We need to all put pressure on them to rectify this situation now that it has come to light,” one of the commentators said.
Another post questioned the conscience of the SPCA and its CEO, arguing that it was morally wrong to pay her such a high salary, when general workers were underpaid and considering that the SPCA depends on donor’s goodwill.
The SPCA said in a statement that it had embarked upon a strategy in 2017 that required the services of a CEO with the required skillset to implement it.
The selection committee for the CEO position also included Redecker’s husband, who is said to have recused himself from the process, as his wife was a candidate.
“Her appointment was confirmed after due process and the current incumbent presented herself with substantial records, achievements and previous executive and strategic positions and her husband played no part in the process,” the SPCA said. 
Redecker’s contract is for three years and she is expected to improve the credibility and name of the SPCA and improve the financial situation of the organisation through fundraising activities and donations.
SPCA Windhoek said its revenue has grown by 37 percent since the CEO’s appointment.
The SPCA also said its current infrastructure in Windhoek, which includes kennels, is now 61 years old and run-down and are continually in need of costly repairs and maintenance.
“The CEO and committee are actively exploring options regarding the existing premises and future options. They are, at present, undertaking a feasibility study for a number of options” the statement said. 


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