NUDO turns into a circus ...As party factions suspend each other

01 June 2018 Author   Michael Uugwanga
There was drama on Thursday as the two warring National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) factions took turns to suspend each other, a week after the party’s chaotic third congress.
NUDO president, Asser Mbai, with support from Team VK, first announced the suspension of five party leaders belonging to Team NUDO led by the outspoken University of Namibia lecturer, Utjiua Muinjangue.
The five were suspended with immediate effect pending disciplinary hearings against them for allegedly misbehaving during and after the party’s congress last week.
The suspended party members are Joseph Kauandenge, Uahimisa Kaapehi, Munjasa Karuhumba, Muinjangue and Stephanus Zakaapi.
Announcing the suspensions at a press conference on Thursday, Mbai accused the five leaders of trying to divide the party.
Kauandenge, Kaapehi and Karuhumba were also recalled from their positions as councillors.
Kauandenge served as councillor in the Windhoek Municipality, while Kaapehi and Karuhumba were councillors in the Swakopmund Municipality and Okakarara Town Council, respectively.
A defiant Kauandenge claimed that they were the legitimate leaders of the party, adding that they had recalled Mbai and Secretary General Meundju Jahanika from the National Assembly with immediate effect.
“The party has lost over N$500,000 that disappeared under their watch, and hence we will call upon the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate this case.
“We are the legitimate leaders of this party following the congress resolution of 26 May 2018. Both Mbai and Jahanika have no right to suspend anyone or to carry out any activities under the name of NUDO,” Kauandenge said.
Jahanika told the Windhoek Observer omn Thursday afternoon that he had not received a letter of suspension from the self-proclaimed new leadership of the party.
“No, I have not received such a letter, but they (Team NUDO) sent a letter to the National Assembly informing them that they are the new leaders.
“They (Team NUDO) through their lawyers instructed us to vacate the party office by Friday (1 June), but our lawyers said we cannot vacate and if they want their can go ahead with a court application,” Jahanika said.
Muinjangue also insisted that she is now the new NUDO president following last weekend’s congress that was abandoned after violence erupted between party leaders in a battle for positions.


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