Not in UNAM race – Deputy Minister

29 March 2018 Author   Sonja Smith
The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo and NUST Chancellor, Prof Tjama Tjivikua, have both denied applying for the position of UNAM Vice Chancellor.
Citing sources at UNAM, the Windhoek Observer reported last week that Ndjoze-Ojo and Tjivikua were in the running together with UNAM Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Development, Professor Kenneth Matengu; Pro-Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Ellen Namhila and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor Frednard Gideon, for the UNAM top job which will be left vacant when Professor Lazarus Hangula retires in August after 14 years at the helm of the higher education institute.
Others who are said to have applied for the job include Professor Joseph Diescho and Ambassador to the Benelux countries and the European Union, Dr Kaire Mbuende.
Ndjoze-Ojo and Tjivikua said that applying for the UNAM Vice Chancellor position would have been a clear conflict of interest.
Dr Ndjoze-Ojo wrote a three page letter to the Windhoek Observer this week underlining her qualifications and achievements, adding that applying for the job will be a conflict of interest.
“It will be unethical for a deputy minister of higher education, whose underlying mandate is to assist the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, look after the Institution of Higher Education, including UNAM should apply. That is clearly a conflict of interest.
“I categorically could not have, and would not have applied and simply did not apply for the Vice Chancellor position at UNAM,” Dr Ndjoze-Ojo said.
Prof Tjivikua also said he is not part of the race for the UNAM post.
Professor Hangula’s term was supposed to end in June 2016, but was extended for a further two years until August 2018. The recruitment process is expected to begin in a week’s time, with candidates making presentations at a public event to ensure transparency, according to UNAM Council Chairperson, Sam Shivute.


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