Local Germans deny genocide

16 March 2018 Author  
Namibians with German origins have maintained that there was no genocide committed against the Nama and Herero tribes between 1904 and 1907.
In an interview with the Windhoek Observer, two locals of German descent, who refused to be named, strongly condemned traditional authorities who are fostering the genocide debate, saying that they are just after a meal ticket.
In their view, people should first understand the meaning of genocide before claiming that it happened.
“In order to talk about Genocide there has to have been one.
Let’s start with Article II of the UN Genocide Convention. What is genocide? It’s the “Intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group...”
“To constitute genocide, there must be a proven intent on the part of perpetrators to physically destroy a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Cultural destruction does not suffice, nor does an intention to simply disperse a group,” the duo said.
They added that those who are preaching the genocide gospel are trying to cause havoc and conflict between German and Namibia, which is tantamount to cutting off the hand that feeds them.
They accused the OvaHerero Traditional Authority specifically, of promoting emotional and factually half-baked claims.
“Let me explain myself. What is happening is that the current tribal chief of the Herero and his underlings are trying to enrich themselves on the back of their ancestors, nothing more nothing less. It is an utter disgrace that they, in some part of the German political sphere, find support,” one of them said.
He said as someone who has studied and researched on Namibian history, he had come to the conclusion that, ‘there are plainly no grounds for their claims’.
“The Herero tribe started a planned war organised by their tribal leaders against farmers, women, children and elderly Germans and lost this war. They had signed a “protective contract” to ensure if anybody would attack the Herero, they’d be protected by the german “Schutztruppe”, at the time a policing force to keep tribal conflicts at bay,” the source said.
The sources accused the media of falsifying and omitting facts and not sticking to historically proven facts.
“The simplest example is van Throtha’s “so-called” extermination order – did any of you ever read it in full? The quoted part is always “Shoot at any Hereo young or old male and female with or without livestock”.  Interestingly enough the order doesn‘t end there – it continues as follows:
“This is to be understood as follows, shoot over their heads so they may not enter the territory of SWA anymore”.
Thereby for me the topic is closed and the Herero will go exactly nowhere with their claims and emotional blackmailing attempts.”
Another local who also spoke on condition of anonymity, aired the same sentiments, arguing that the Germans were also wronged.
He said the German nation had financially contributed to the betterment of Namibia, thus it is unfair for the country to be asking for more handouts.
“If you take all the money Germany has given, Namibia will not be able to pay it back in 1000 years,” the source said.
Germany has so far accepted that genocide did happen and are prepared to give an apology, but negotiations for reparations are still ongoing.


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