Hishono’s son allegedly rapes six-year-old

23 February 2018 Author   Sonja Smith
Former SWAPO Party Elders’ Council member, Kanana Hishono’s son, Hikofele, appeared in court on Thursday, facing charges of rape, after he allegedly sexually assaulted a six-year-old relative on Christmas Day last year.
It is alleged that Hikofele (37) raped the minor in December when he was left at home with the child.
Eenhana police spokesperson, Sergeant Kuume Itumba, said case number CR 73/12/2017 was opened against Hikofele at Eenhana Police Station following the alleged incident.
“What happened is that the suspect was left at home with the victim while other children went out to play. He was allegedly found on top of the little girl and tried to hide the child under the bed,” Itumba told the Windhoek Observer.
Hikofele’s brother, Abed Nego, laid the charges on behalf of the girl, Itumba said.
The accused first appeared in the Eenhana Magistrates’ court on February 12 where he was released on bail of N$4,000.
He appeared in court again on Thursday, and his case was postponed to March 15, according to Itumba.
Sources close to the suspect told the Windhoek Observer that Hikofele has a history of abusing drugs and alcohol.
Opening up this week about his son’s case, Hishono said he recalls that the incident took place during a “joyful” Christmas Day.
“It is a rape case. He was using alcohol, but not drugs that time. This happened on Christmas Day, and you know how people are on that day, they go out, drink and celebrate as part of having fun.
“He is my son and I feel bad about what happened. I cannot say much because the matter is still in court,” Hishono told the Windhoek Observer.
Hishono is one of the surviving founders of the SWAPO Party. He previously served as Secretary of the SWAPO Party Elders’ Council and was also a member of the ruling party’s Central Committee.
Hishono also served as a Special Advisor to former President Hifikepunye Pohamba.


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