NAMCOL students struggle with English

12 January 2018 Author   Rinelda Mouton
English remains a thorn in the flesh for Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) candidates, the institution’s Director, Heroldt Murangi, has said.
Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday, Murangi pointed out that English Second Language results were very disappointing, as only 10 percent out of 20,333 entries managed to score a D grade and above.
Murangi said 12,000 full-time and 18,000 part-time candidates across the country found it difficult to score the required D grade and above generally required for admission to institutions of higher learning.  
He said the high failure rate in English across the country will see a great number of learners seek entry to NAMCOL this year to improve their grades.
“Therefore, more than 30,000 might need entry to NAMCOL, while the college only has the capacity to accommodate 18,000 for the 2018 academic year,” he said.
The NAMCOL director attributed the low pass rate in English to teachers at pre-primary and primary schools who promote learners who are actually struggling with the language.
“It is very important that teachers make sure that learners can properly read and write English before passing them,” he said.
At the same event, NAMCOL handed over scholarships valued at N$300,000 for the 2018 academic year to 250 beneficiaries, as part of is social responsibility programme.
The scholarships were given to needy learners.   
One of the beneficiaries is 20-year-old Mariam Damases, who is currently pregnant.
 “I have been struggling to get a job. I know the reason behind this is because of my low education. I have Grade 10. Now, I will be able to redo my studies and get better points. I have been at home for three years now without a job. I need to educate myself,” she said.
Another beneficiary, 27-year-old Klaudia Ndapona, said improving her points will make it easier for her to get a better job.
“The only job that I get hired for is working in shops. I don’t want that type of job. I want to be a teacher. After NAMCOL, I will study teaching. I want to have a life where I can do my dream job,” she said.


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