Katutura residents protest against evictions

01 December 2017 Author  
Scores of residents of Katutura Compound held a march in Windhoek on Thursday, expressing their displeasure at being evicted from the houses which were built by Nasboker, the forerunner to the National Housing Enterprise.
About 50 residents presented petitions to the National Housing Enterprise and the ministry of lands.
“Pursuant to the closure of Katutura Compound (Komboni) in the late 1980s, we were relocated to the lodge units that were built by Nasbokor for its workers. These lodge units therefore were co-owned by the workers of which one amongst us was our caretaker. All payments of municipal rates and taxes were channelled through him,” the petition read.
The residents said the caretakers have now resorted to selling the lodge units without their consent.
“We do not even know how transfer of ownership was carried out to their names to say the least. At one point, we approached the Legal Aid department to come to our aid, but this did not yield any positive response.”
The residents now want the ministry of lands to intervene because they said there were becoming homeless.
“Co-owners have been paying for these properties and to be deprived of their legal ownership by greedy individuals who want to enrich themselves is unacceptable in an independent Namibia.”
The petition said the matter requires a political solution as opposed to a legal process. It said the ministry should investigate how documents were changed at the Deeds Office without their knowledge.
“Lodge units do not belong to individuals, but co-owned by former workers who then resided in the compound. The Government should help us trace all relevant documents from Nasbokor to NHE, which explicitly backs our claim,” the petition read.
The residents also called on the ministry to place a moratorium on the sale of units at the compound.


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