The Windhoek Observer focuses on weddings

08 June 2017 Author  
In response to popular suggestions from our readers, the upcoming June 9th edition of the Windhoek Observer will feature topics for couples planning to get married.
  Read about our advice on budgeting for a dream wedding, honeymoon travel destinations, NWR’s offerings of location weddings and romantic getaways, venues where weddings can be held, suggestions on what gifts to buy, and of course, The Dress. 
You will love our photos of beautiful wedding gowns and logical suggestions that can help you avoid wedding nightmares.
Brides, grooms, maids of honour, best men, parents of couples getting married and those planning weddings need to read the June 9th edition of the Windhoek Observer.  People planning to attend weddings should check it out too! 
Those who already took the wedding plunge, read our articles and remember your special day. 
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