Experts urge govt to declare hydrological crisis

09 June 2016 Author  

water 09 june Water management experts have called on the government to declare a hydrological crisis in the central regions, with dams expected to run dry by the end of November, if no intervention is made.

The experts and captains of industry met in Windhoek today for meeting that took place under the theme Impact of Water Crisis on Industries 2016, which was hosted by the Namibia Trade Forum.

Government said earlier this week that the short and long-term infrastructure needed to mitigate the unfolding water crisis is expected to cost more than N$24 billion, while the available funds at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry were limited to N$255 million.

Senior Manager: Fixed Asset Management at NamWater Willem Venter said there was a need for government to declare the situation a crisis, and begin deliberations on investing more funds, while looking for alternatives to alleviate the situation.

He highlighted that the current water consumption levels within the central region would see the current supply lasting until the end of November.

“Government should declare a water crisis and funding for a water saving campaign should to be released,” he said, while also calling for the fast-tracking of initiatives to augment the water supply to the central areas, which is crucial for industries.

Venter also urged for the improvement of the water quality at the Swakoppoort Dam and the protection and improvement of the water quality at the Von Bach Dam.

He also noted the need for the City of Windhoek to fast-track and complete the extension of the new Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, as well as the upgrading of Gammams Waste Water Plant and the implementation of the Windhoek Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme, as a matter of urgency.


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