Fateful SPYL meeting looms

21 August 2015

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) has finally set the date for its much-anticipated central committee meeting which is expected to seal the fate of members of the current National Executive Committee (NEC).

The meeting was initially scheduled for this week but had to be postponed to next week Thursday at the request of regional secretaries.

Suspended SPYL Deputy Secretary Nekundi confirmed the postponement of the meeting to next week.

“Yes, I too was informed of the postponement of the meeting which was requested by the regional secretaries and seconded by 50 percent of the members.

“The CC will focus on addressing some of the internal issues that face SPYL,” Nekundi said.

In terms of the SPYL constitution, only the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the youth wing or the regional secretaries can call for an extra-ordinary central committee meeting.

The NEC members, who are predominately staunch Ngurare supporters, suspended Nekundi following the expulsion of the former SPYL secretary and have been dragging to hold the extra ordinary central committee meeting.

It is said members of the NEC have lost support from the majority of the regions.

The central committee meeting is now set to take place next Thursday and reportedly aims at dissolving the NEC.

The other objectives of the meeting will be to elect CC members who support Government programmes, reinstate Nekundi as acting secretary and elect a new secretary of information and mobilisation.

The Ngurare allies nominated Secretary for Internal Affairs Eddie Kafita to be acting secretary of the youth wing following the suspension of Nekundi.

However, Swapo Secretary General (SG) Nangolo Mbumba described Nekundi’s expulsion as irregular.

Mbumba said the NEC has no authority to suspend Nekundi and it would need to have such a decision endorsed by its CC.

He said the position of the mother body in relation to youth league matters is that the SPYL should abide by its own constitution.

“It is public knowledge that NEC has the power to call an extra-ordinary central committee or even an ordinary central committee meeting, so that is their responsibility.

“Their central committee has the authority to take action against anybody, including suspension.

“However, since suspending the deputy secretary they have not taken this matter to their central committee, and that is not something that anybody should have to instruct them to do,” he said.

The SG further remarked that there were currently two centres of power in the youth league, which was creating problems.

“The deputy secretary is acting secretary so to speak, but at the same time NEC has appointed someone else, and now the regions are receiving instructions from both leaders and they don’t quite know how to handle the situation,” he said.

Mbumba urged the youth leaders to follow their own procedures.

Sources close to the youth leadership have indicated that the suspension of the SPYL Erongo regional secretary Laina Shapange last weekend came as punishment for her involvement in mobilising regional secretaries to call for a CC meeting.

Shapange who was reportedly a strong Ngurare supporter recently jumped ship to the Nekundi camp.

She has been at the forefront of ensuring regional secretaries meet to create a quorum and then call for the CC meeting that the SPYL NEC has seemingly been avoiding at all costs.

The regional executive took the decision to suspend Shapange at a meeting held in Omaruru last weekend, to which they did not invite the Omaruru district secretary due to his close ties to Shapange.

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