Intelligence unit investigates AR

31 July 2015 Author  

front AR  31 JulyMinister of Safety and Security Retired Major-General Charles Namoloh has confirmed that the Financial Intelligence Unit is investigating whether the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement has any foreign donors.


The AR movement called off its threat to occupy land around the country following a historical agreement with Government last Friday at State House.

AR members had threatened to occupy land if municipal authorities had not approved their 50,000 plus land applications by today.

Sources close to Government said that the Minister of Rural and Urban Development Sophia Shaningwa received information last week, warning her that the AR trio of Job Amupanda, George Kambala and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma had foreign donors.

The correspondence sent to the minister stated that the benefactor who had funded South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Agang was also funding AR.

“An Israeli billionaire formerly from Swaziland, now living in London, a Nathan Kirsch, channels funds for these political parties through the ‘De Klerk Foundation’ in South Africa and the “Mayfair Group” in London,” the text reads.

According to the text, ‘enemy forces’ have now moved to southern Africa to force an “Arab Spring” with a subsequent “regime change” and that their war cry is the emotive land issue.

Namoloh said in an interview on Wednesday that all foreign funding to political parties or organisations such as AR would raise concern in Government.

“Foreign money carries a foreign agenda and not a national one, we take very seriously any issues that are being fuelled from abroad,” he said.

Although financial and security agencies have so far not picked up anything alarming as far as anyone channelling suspiciously large amounts of money to or from AR, Namoloh admitted that it was a tricky task.

“Of course we are aware that even if someone is receiving funding they don’t want Government to know about, they will be cautious and take all measures to make sure we do not catch them, but we will continue to monitor closely,” he said.

Namoloh highlighted that the Financial Intelligence Unit is always on the lookout for funding that could be coming into Namibia from undesirable people or organisations.

“With the rise of the threat of terrorism in Africa, we have to continue to be alert and our citizens too have to be very careful,” he said.

Shaningwa could not be reached for comment on the supposed warning she had received from an anonymous source. Job Amupanda recently refuted claims that AR is receiving funding from anonymous donors with a hidden agenda. He said the movement is funding its operations through the proceeds from his book, a chicken company, their salaries and savings.

Meanwhile, Intelligence sources have indicated that AR had planned to have some of its members pose as police officers had the land occupation taken place.

AR members are alleged to have acquired police uniforms to cause chaos and provoke the actual police.

Namoloh also confirmed that they had received this information and that they were prepared to deal with the situation.

He said this would have been a grave mistake on the part of AR.

“We would not have and still will not allow any chaos to occur, we remain vigilant and even though land is being serviced it will remain illegal to put up any structures on serviced land that has not been allocated to you,” Namoloh said.


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