Politburo goes soft on AR trio

12 June 2015 Author  

front politburo 12 juneCharges against the suspended Swapo Party Youth League Secretary for Information Job Amupanda and his two lieutenants could be dropped after the disciplinary hearing against the trio failed to take off the ground.


It appears that the party has softened its stance against the land activists and will seek a settlement through dialogue.

Party insiders claimed this week that the politburo, which met on Monday, instructed Land Reform Minister Utoni Nujoma, Justice Minister Albert Kawana and the Minister of Rural and Urban Development Sophia Shaningwa to initiate talks with the three activists instead.

Affirmative Repositioning leaders Amupanda, Dimbulukweni Nauyoma and George Kambala were recently charged for bringing the name of the Swapo party into disrepute.

The three have been on suspension since November last year after occupying land in the Kleine Kuppe suburb of Windhoek frustrated with delays by the City of Windhoek to approve their land applications.

Party sources said the politburo meeting felt that the City of Windhoek, and not the Swapo party, should deal with the matter since it involves occupation of municipality land.

“Apart from saying their actions have brought the party’s name and reputation into disrepute we have nothing else, and one can even argue and win against that charge based on one’s interpretation of disrepute,” a party source said.

Other politburo members advised against pursuing charges against the trio saying the matter could potentially embarrass the party and government.

They argued that the charges against the trio would not stick if the disciplinary committee was to go ahead with a hearing.

President Hage Geingob chaired the politburo meeting for the first time since former president Hifikepunye Pohamba vacated office.

Sources said President Geingob appeared eager to find a solution to the matter as soon as possible.

Kawana could not be drawn to comment on the politburo instructions when contacted on Thursday.

He said only the party Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba is allowed to inform the public about politburo deliberations and resolutions.

“We have a full time SG so just speak to him first. In the absence of the SG we also have a secretary for information and communication,” Kawana said.

Mbumba abruptly hang up his phone when called for a comment on the politburo’s resolution.

Party insiders say the Affirmative Repositioning Movement is an extension of the infighting caused by the succession race for the party vice presidency back in 2012.

They blame Pohamba’s decision not to expel the youth from Swapo back in 2012 saying this has cost the party dearly.

“Even Pohamba regrets not having dealt with this lot when he had the chance. It would be an unwise move for Geingob to remove those who opposed him openly for so long now that he has assumed the party presidency.

“We would be doing ourselves a favour by solving this thing at a Government level, with as little fuss as possible,” the source added.

The Monday politburo meeting also discussed the 12 May Movement at great length, with some leaders bringing the aim and purpose of the movement into serious question.

Members asked why the party could not adopt an initiative by one of its wings so that it could include all other wings and party members at large.

Additional complaints raised, were that people automatically perceive those who have not attended the event over the years, for whatever reason, as anti-Nujoma and that these sentiments were uncalled for.

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