Geingos caught in Nanso race

27 February 2015 Author  

front sharon febBy Thursday morning this week, the power struggle in the Namibia National Student Organisation’s (Nanso) presidential elections seemed poised to entangle first-lady-in-waiting Monica Geingos.

Geingos is scheduled to be the main speaker at Sharonice Busch’s official presidential campaign launch.

Sources alleged this week that some Swapo Party Youth League members planned to corner Geingos at the event for endorsing Busch.

However, Busch vehemently stated that Geingos’ presence at her launch was not to endorse her, but merely to address those present on the topic of leadership.

“Her (Geingos) presence is not to endorse or vouch for me but to talk about leadership,” Busch began to explain.

“I have been tracking her career from a young age, since I was 15 years old when I was involved in the junior Town Council and when I was Speaker of the Children’s Parliament. I have identified strong leadership qualities in her.”

Busch added that the fact that Geingos managed to build a business enterprise, Stimulus Investments, in a male dominated industry spoke to her leadership qualities and ability to break through barriers.

Because Nanso was not a political organisation, Busch said she did not want to politicise her campaign with a female politician.

“I do not want to politicise what I am doing nor am I trying to score political points and having a politician endorse me would have diluted what I’m trying to do.

“I am trying to lay down the vision for the organisation and have it translate into its existing structures and ultimately live my passion of making sure our education system is responsive and benefits the Namibian child,” she said.

This is not the first time Busch has run for the Nanso presidency. She first ran during the organisation’s 13th elective congress in 2011.

However, she had to step down from running because she felt it was not the right time for her.

“At the time, we were still very young, and we were fresh leaders in the organisation. We did not fully understand the vision and direction of the organisation at the time,” she said.

The leadership at that time made the collective decision that she remain in the position of Secretary General (SG). Although she had to make a difficult compromise at the time, Busch now says it was a blessing in disguise

“As the SG I was able to do things that I would have otherwise been unable to do.

“I have been able to reposition Nanso because I was very hands-on and that is evident in the fact that people are now talking about the organisation, be it good or bad, something they weren’t doing in the past,” Busch explained.

If she emerges victorious in the race for presidency, Busch has devised a three-fold plan for the student organisation.

The plan involves access to education, quality of education and innovation among the youth.

“Under access to education we are looking at eliminating the multi-integrated classroom system, the distance some learners have to walk to school and to create a sustainable solution for schools in areas that flood on an annual basis.

“Our current graduates are unemployable. You have someone with a law degree but can’t find a job…Why are we basing our qualifications on certification and not on what the country needs for its developmental agenda? This is what I will focus on under quality of education.

“We can cultivate innovation among students who are at the stage were their mental capacity can be navigated. We need a curriculum that promotes creative thinking so that we can set global trends,” she explained about her plans if she wins the election.

Busch is adamant that one is only as strong as one’s human resources are, and one can only achieve that strength through educating people.

She says that because of her track record as a leader from her days as the Speaker of the Children’s Parliament, she believes she is the right person for the job. Furthermore, the title president is not what motivates her candidacy but what services she can bring to the people.

“I am not a leader who was wheel-borrowed or parachuted into position; I have served the country since the age of 15 when I joined the structures of youth development and that sets me apart from anyone else,” she concluded. – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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