Ndilimani deny N$4 million rumours

27 February 2015

The Ndilimani Cultural Group’s operational manager Jessy Nambanza this week denied having received a N$4 million payment for the group’s performance at the final Swapo Star Rally last year.

It was reported last year that the multi-award winning artists The Dogg and Gazza were paid a collective sum of N$5 million to exclusively campaign for the political party.

After the report, rumours about the cultural groups’ dissatisfaction at the arrangement started making rounds.

It is alleged that the group arrived early at the star rally and demanded that they be compensated as much as the two other artists are or they would not perform.

Stuck between  a rock and a hard place as the rally was about to start, the Secretary General (SG) of the Swapo Party Nangolo Mbumba allegedly negotiated with the group and agreed to increase their payment the following Monday as long as they performed.

However, the SG allegedly did not live up to his promise and avoided them until they threatened to go to the media with the information.

After back and forth negotiations it is claimed that the SG gave in and paid the group a staggering N$4 million.

The acquisition of luxury vehicles from some of the managerial members in the group further fuelled the N$4 million rumour.

Nambanza vehemently denied the rumours saying that he too had heard of the rumours but there is no truth to them.

“We were one of the first people to arrive at the venue and performed vibrantly. There was a lot of talk going on when the Gazza/Dogg story broke,” Nambanza said.

He explained that Ndilimani, which was formed in 1980 in Lubango with the purpose of mobilising people to rally behind SWAPO and boost the morale of the fighters, have their own arrangement with the party.

“We have a different arrangement with Swapo ,apart from monetary compensation for our performance the party bought us a new bus and a mobile stage,” a visibly content Nambanza explained.

He further reiterated that it was because of their existing arrangements with SWAPO that they did not have a problem with the amount the two kwaito artists were getting.

Although he said he was not at liberty to say how much they made, he insisted that they were content with what they received.

“We have an arrangement with Swapo and will not go back on it. The people who start these rumours do not know what damage they cause.

“They started a similar rumour about Bullet ya Kaoko, I had a talk with their manager Masato Thom who told me he was being crucified by people back home for the rumoured N$2 million they allegedly got but they did not receive that much money,” he said.

Bullet Ya Kaoko marketing manager, Theunis Kandjii, corroborated Nambanza’s story saying that although the group was compensated for their performance they most certainly did not receive N$2 million from Swapo.

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