‘Burn State House’

14 November 2014 Author  

Front Hage 14 Nov 2014DISCONTENT continues to brew among members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) as it emerged this week that some members were plotting to burn down State House.

Documents in the possession of the Windhoek Observer show discussions that took place on a group chat on social media platform WhatsApp.

The main participants were Secretary of International Affairs Eddy Kafita, former Information and Mobilisation Secretary Job Amupanda, SPYL members Taimi Iileka, Dimbulukweni Nauyoma, Lot Ndamonomata and Indileni Kawedi.

The SPYL leaders used the platform to express very strong views and emotions about their leaders, including Swapo Vice-president Hage Geingob, Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba, Minister of Presidential Affairs Albert Kawana and Deputy Minister Pohamba Shifeta.

The copies of the WhatsApp chats begin on 27 August 2014 and end on 01 September 2014.

The initial conversation that centred on the fatal shooting of the ‘struggle kid’ Frieda Ndatipo started on 27 August 2014 at 20:35.

The transcripts quote Kafita saying, “Vp is a joke I said it” to which Taimi Iileka responded “Omatudhi of the HIGHEST order anyone can tell him I said.”

Expressing their discontent at the manner in which the party’s leadership had handled the shooting at the time, Kafita referred to the party leaders as a bunch of coward elders.

Iileka said she would ensure that the Swapo party does not receive her vote in the upcoming election because of the way it was handling Ndatipo’s death.

She said: “I cannot believe this is what we have reduced ourselves to Mwatiko? Mine is a spoilt ballot, I swear on my brother’s grave,” she wrote.

At 20:40 pm that evening, Indileni Kawedi joined the conversation in reaction to Iileka’s remarks stating: “We are not safe mboli! We don’t have elders at all and the useless SG.”

At that point, Kafita informed the group that he was so angry he was struggling to breathe and that Swapo had been reduced to a plastic party.

Iileka then drops the bombshell at 20:59 when she said: “We must burn State House and everything in it,” to which Kafita responded “They are bringing us bad ideas.”

Iileka then repeated her initial suggestion by writing, “Let us BURN! BURN!”

On the same evening Dimbulukweni Nauyoma joined the conversation at 21:02 and said “and I said it Mbumba elayi...VP is an idiot, spoilt ballot x2”, to which Iileka responded by saying “Daarsy”.

A man by the name of Thomas who randomly chipped into the conversation here and there protested at the plans to burn down State House. “Aye let’s not burn State House nkwetu let me first get Tulongeni them out first haha, family is important you know”.

Iileka responded: “Collateral Damage”. Appearing to be on a roll, she did not stop there. She added: “We will burn Safari during the electoral college!”

Thomas once again protested. He said the president should be evacuated first, to which Iileka responded: “Why didn’t Pohamba speak? Burn!”

The conversation then proceeded with various suggestions from the group members as to what would be the most effective way to disrupt the electoral college.

Some group members suggested protests and peaceful demonstrations outside Safari Hotel where the electoral college would take place, whilst others stuck to the tone of violence insisting that they burn Safari first followed by the State House.

Some days later, the group resumed their controversial dialogue and began discussing the outcome of the Swapo party electoral college. This discussion took place on 30 August 2014.

The transcript quotes Kafita at 23:17 saying, “Kawana is shown that he was just used for the constitutional amendments,” to which another responded “Kawana is old fashioned gum!!!”

On the next day, when the party had confirmed the results of the electoral college, SPYL’s former Secretary for Information and Mobilisation Job Amupanda then commented: “Namibia (Pty) Ltd”.

On 1 September just before eight in the morning, Kafita said: “O kaka tactic someone else could be used not Pohamba Shifeta kaya, yes I said it ame Eddie Kafita.”

“Pohamba Shifeta don’t even know where the party headquarters is anymore, the thing does not even attend party events, is it the stripped suites? It does not make sense to me,” Kafita wrote.

He further stated: “It’s a clear ploy nothing else die doners het gekook vir hage team nothing else unity is thrown out of the windows daccor.”

When contacted for comment regarding his remarks on the social media chat group, Kafita said he could not confirm that he had authored those statements because he does not insult elders.

“When people are angry they react differently, but I can’t apply my mind at this stage,” he said.

Iileka did not answer her mobile phone.

This week, the party leadership announced its decision to suspend Amupanda and Nauyoma who took part in the Sunday land-grabbing incident in Klein Kuppe.

The two SPYL members were suspended from all party activities until the party’s disciplinary committee has decided their fate.

But, Amupanda had already tendered his resignation as information and mobilisation secretary to the secretary of the youth wing Elijah Ngurare on Wednesday morning before the announcement of their suspension.

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