Kapere threatens to sue NEFF

24 October 2014 Author  

2nd Front kapere 24 OctTHE Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council Mandela Kapere has sought legal advice following accusations by members of the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) that he is part of a group plotting their assassinations.

NEFF party members reportedly claimed that Kapere along with members of the Namibian Central Intelligence Service and the Zimbabwean Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) have made attempts on their lives.

They further alleged that CIO operatives flew into the country to assist with the plans and execution of the so-called assassination project.

Sources with knowledge of the matter said Kapere had to give a statement to the Namibian Central Intelligence Service regarding the claims made against him, and shortly after sought legal advice.

In an interview recently, Kapere confirmed that he had consulted his lawyers about the defamatory claims made against him by certain members in the NEFF leadership.

“Yes I am consulting my lawyers with regards to a defamation of character case against the NEFF, but that is the most I am at liberty to say at this juncture,” Kapere said.

The NYC executive chair made headlines last week after he was spotted having breakfast with one of the South African Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaders Magdalene Moonsamy who came to Namibia for the launch of the NEFF election manifesto.

He, however, explained that he knew Moonsamy from several years ago when she was still a member of the ANC Youth League, and described their informal meeting as a reunion of old friends.

The reunion breakfast clearly did not end well for either of them as Kapere ended up splashed across the front page of a local daily newspaper, and Moonsamy allegedly received a tongue-lashing from NEFF members who saw the two conversing.

NEFF leaders reportedly questioned and reprimanded Moonsamy for meeting with Kapere and further informed her that he is an assassin whom she should be wary of.

Kapere dismissed the NEFF allegations as absurd.

“That is ridiculous I don’t even own a gun,” he said.

NEFF Commissar for Communications Olsen Kahiriri could neither confirm nor deny whether members in the leadership of his party suspected their lives were in danger.


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