Kaura declines nomination

26 September 2014



JUST three days before the DTA launches its election manifesto, former party president Katuutire Kaura dropped a bombshell when he declined to accept nomination to the party’s National Assembly list.

In a brief interview on Wednesday, Kaura confirmed that he would not accept nomination to the party’s parliament list, because of the way younger leaders in the party had treated him since he lost the presidency to McHenry Venaani.

“It’s time for some of us old timers to hang up the boxing gloves and call it a day. In my party unlike with others, they really pushed the age aspect to the fore and accompanied it with insults,” he said.

Kaura remarked that he considered the manner in which the party had done things intolerable and therefore for the sake of his dignity, he would not accept to continue to serve the party at that level.

He appeared unmoved by suggestions that he should remain in the party’s leadership to provide guidance and share his expertise with the younger generation of leaders.

“Are they forgetting that I was kicked out of the party and parliament, and had I not gone to the lengths of legally challenging them on the grounds that by law I am entitled to fulfil my term, I would not have been here.

“They are adult enough so let them go about matters as they see fit,” Kaura said.

The former DTA president who served at the helm of the party for 15 years insisted that he was not retiring on a sour note, but rather felt that once bitten twice shy.

Kaura’s position gives the impression that he not only did not accept nomination, but that he would take a back seat in campaigning for his party in the build up to the Presidential and National Assembly elections set for November.

It remains to be seen if Kaura will attend the party’s manifesto launch, rallies and other activities in the course of the next few months.

The party announced this week that it would officially launch its election manifesto this Saturday at the Wanaheda Sports field, where party president McHenry Venaani will deliver the keynote address.

DTA will also use this occasion to launch its new website officially.

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