Shanghala gets death threats

15 August 2014 Author  

front Sacky  15 augTHE Chairperson of the Law Reform Development Commission Sacky Shanghala has received death threats following the tabling of the Third Constitutional Amendment Bill in parliament two weeks ago. In an interview on Tuesday, a rather jovial Shanghala said he had received threatening messages via SMS, email and over the phone since last week. “Yes I have received six death threats in total, of which five of them came last week and one call came this week.


“It appears that whoever makes these calls does so from random public phones so I have found it difficult to ascertain who is on the other end,” Shanghala said.

According to the LRDC chairperson, the calls and messages mainly insult him and then proceed to warn him that he might come to some harm if parliament adopts the proposed constitutional amendments.

One of the text messages Shanghala received last week reads as follows:

“Dude leave the constitution the way it is please, we have been at peace with it the way it is...., don’t fix things which are not broken...?

“We blacks have already f…d up our continent with the way we run things, so this country is the only country which is still good in Africa.

“So dude if you f..k us up, I SWEAR, I give you my word and I PROMISE that I will not hurt you, I will hurt your family and friends and everyone you know.”

Although Shanghala does not appear shaken or fazed by the threatening calls and messages, he has reported the matter to the Namibian Police for further investigation.

It has further emerged that a senior Cabinet minister also contacted Shanghala last week, informing him that he had also come across the news of people plotting to harm him. The minister warned him to be cautious.

It remains unclear though why a Cabinet minister who has shown support for the Constitutional Amendment Bill would call Shanghala to warn him to proceed with caution as if to suggest that he agrees with those who have protested against the amendments.

Shanghala, as he has done repeatedly in recent weeks, defended his position on the issue of the constitutional changes, and said that people wanted to shoot the messenger even though he was only doing his job.

“I’m doing my work with a clear conscience, but there are some intellectual retards who now want to harm me.

“I’m just going about my life in a normal manner, trying not to worry and staying happy,” he said.

Inspector General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga confirmed on Wednesday that Shanghala had reported the matter to him personally and that he showed him the threatening text messages.

He further disclosed that Shanghala had requested additional security when he addressed a public gathering last week.

“Apart from the two body guards that are normally assigned to him, we made sure everything was in order security wise at the venue and there was no sign of any threat,” Ndeitunga said.

The inspector-general said it appeared as though certain individuals were unhappy with the good work Shanghala was doing, and had now resorted to such actions.

“From the side of the police we are ready to investigate this case, or that of any Namibian that faces imminent or persistent threats,” he said.
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