Mines director implicated in EPL fraud

13 February 2014 Author  

front Daniel 14 febDIRECTOR in the Ministry of Mines and Energy Daniel Zaire has been implicated in a fraud case involving an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL) that led to the arrest of his relative Maurice Kapitako. Other family members claim Zaire gave Kapitako the EPL in question and that all along he had merely used Kapitako as a proxy for himself. Although details surrounding the nature of the crime still appear sketchy, family members claim that a Greg and Kamaritombo Hindjou were the rightful owner of the EPL and only requested Zaire to seek investors.


Speaking on condition of anonymity a family member further alleged that Zaire was in fact responsible for the removal of the Hindjou duo as shareholders of the company and that he forged their signatures.

“Kapitako has been charged with crimes that Zaire himself committed!” the source claimed.

Zaire allegedly also received over N$3million from investors for the EPL.

However, he appears to have kept the bulk of the lump sum for himself, after having paid out N$25,000 each to the two Hindjous.

Zaire also made two separate payments to Kapitako amounting to N$50,000 each, making it a total of N$100,000 that Kapitako received from Zaire via a cheque made out from a certain lawyer’s trust fund.

The alleged fraud became known after Kamaritombo reported the matter to the police.

This led to the arrest of Kapitako who has now been released on bail of N$50 000 by Magistrate Jermaine Muchali with stringent conditions attached.

Zaire reportedly paid Kapitako’s N$50 000 bail.

Contacted for comment Zaire initially stated that the licence in question had expired and shortly after that claimed to have no knowledge of the licence in question.

He claimed that family members were making false accusations against him.

Lawyer Jeff Tjitemisa however, confirmed that at some point he tried to act as a mediator between the two parties, but said that he had no further involvement in the matter than that.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary of Mines and Energy Kahijoro Kahuure said that one of his officials at the ministry verbally briefed him on the matter.

As no one had presented a formal complaint to him, the permanent secretary opted not to act at this point.

He added that it was now a criminal matter and he wanted to obtain more clarity and details of everything that transpired.

Kapitako appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday this week and lawyer Milton Engelbrecht represented him.

He further faces charges of forgery and uttering but the court did not ask him to plead when he appeared in court, and the charge sheet appears unclear on the exact charges against Kapitako.
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